Hollywood Bowl: Sharing a Paired Ticket?

Hey :slight_smile:

Possibly the vast majority of tickets for Oct 27th were sold before tickets were available on general sale.

Most remaining tickets online have to be bought in 2s/pairs. Would anyone consider sharing a paired ticket?

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I actually need one more ticket. I’m waiting for the general sale, but if there’s nothing left I might just have to get a paired ticket.

@monse General sale is starting in 45 mins (edited: time), but looks like right now it’s the Platinum tickets available.

Which tickets were you planning to get? I see $850 as the lowest :confused:

Yea :frowning:
Not many available, unless through third parties?

Ticketmaster is out :flushed:

Well besides the 1200 ones

Yea, really sad. Were there any non Platinum ones available even a few seconds after public sale opened?
I think they had all gone in presale period, unless there was anything reserved for 10am sale.

Do you know any third parties with them?

Only resale sites/other ticket sites which have bought and are selling for slightly higher prices.

The seats themselves are not great (I don’t mind at all), but depends how reliable these options would be.

I don’t trust them since it credit card/is checked…

I thought it was supposed to be credit card entry but my tickets had the option to be printed. My seats aren’t great but they aren’t bad either in the M area. Maybe the closer sections are credit card.

I ended up getting the platinum tickets. Will only need one ticket. If someone wants the other ($925), please let me know. I’ll only ever spend this much on LP.

Whoa, Nice! Where does the $925 get you?

Garden boxes.

That’s awesome, glad you got it. :slight_smile:

Sorry, don’t think I can buy the $925.

Is that single ticket still available??

A friend of mine is searching for a ticket, she’s prepared to spent that amount. Would you let me know? Tnx in advance (flying from Italy!)

I’ll confirm later this week if it’s still available.

great, thank you so much

I have a paired ticket in Pool Circle. Not sure yet that my friend is coming with me. I try to clarify it that week. But how I can I share the ticket? it seems like my credit card would be the ticket in that case. And there’re no any other options.

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