Hockey Fans?

Hey, LPUers! Since I’m a huge fan of hockey, and of the Carolina Hurricanes in particular, I wonder if we have any other hockey fans here (NHL, KHL, AHL or anything!). I’m sure we have. So if you’re interested in hockey, please tell us what league you’re watching, what team you’re sympathizing with, since when you’ve been a fan and why this team or league. We can discuss the current season here too. :slight_smile:

Yeah, you already know me haha

I love NHL / AHL and LHJMQ hockey.

My favorite team is the Montreal Habs. I’m a fan since I’m born haha

I like their affiliate AHL team too, the Hamilton Bulldogs.

I also like to follow Elisterein, SM-Liiga & DEL but it’s hard to find a place to watch the games!

KHL is great too but there’s really too much fighting, hockey is about great pass plays not a jaw-breaking competition.

I don’t even know about these ones. :smiley:

For me KHL is too slow in comparison with NHL, but still I love it!

I’m a hockey fan :slight_smile:
I prefer KHL only, but this year i watch VHL cuz my team misses this season in KHL. But we’ll be back next year! Can’t wait for it.
And what about the question WHY them… Yaroslavl is my city and Lokomotiv is my team

Oh God… May they rest in peace… They are always with us… =’(((

Why don’t you like NHL?

i dont know of any teams butttttttt playing it in school was fun :3

I don’t even know about these ones. :smiley:

LHJMQ = Quebec Junior-Major League
Elisterein = Swedish Elite
SM-Liiga = Finnish Elite
DEL = Germany’s Professional Hockey League

But if not, who are your favorite players?

I love hockey! The Pittsburgh Penguins are beast! Evgeni Malkin is the best player ever!

Why don’t you like NHL?

[quote=Antoine Pandobox Morin]But if not, who are your favorite players?

Some guys from the Canes: Cam Ward, Eric Staal, Jeff Skinner…
Certainly, I like Russian players playing in NHL.
Seems like it’s not so easy to name all of them. :)))

KHL SKA Saint-Petersburg))))
Current season is great for us, now it’s time for play-off, hope we’ll be the winners this year!!

I love hockey! I grew up with hockey! I learned to ice-skate when I was 3 years old. I’ve played in several teams but had to give it up because of my backproblems.

This thread is amazing !!!

I can talk about the NHL on LPU !!! One of my dreams comes true hahaha…

Well guys, i’m a Detroit Red Wings fan since 2001 when i bought the NHL01 for the Play Station, just for fun my love for the Hockey borns.

I love the European Leagues but i don’t have enough time to watch all the games, i just try to watch the Red Wings games when i can, but is very hard because i have to do a lot of stuff everyday.

Btw, i was a Roller Hockey Players is like the Ice Hockey but with rollers. I was defenseman. I stop playing hockey because i hurt my right shoulder.

Well thats all, waiting your answer now :slight_smile:


Yeah! Finally true fan of the NHL!!! I played ice hockey when I was young, but after a puck struck me right in the face one day, I gave it up.

Yeah! Finally true fan of the NHL!!! I played ice hockey when I was young, but after a puck struck me right in the face one day, I gave it up.

ooh, that sucks! hopefully you were wearing a face mask?

i also love hockey!

Nope. It only left a small scar on my chin, but that was enough. :slight_smile:

watched Ice Hockey live for the first time during my vacation in Helsinki. From the finish teams I like IFk.

Here in Germany I like the team of Berlin “die Eisbären” (Ice bears). Why? Not sure about this point, but maybe because I live in Berlin…

And I have to say compare German games and Finish games, I like the Finish ones more. There are more interesting and exciting.

Yyyup. Red Wings all the way

what what!? Red Wings all the way! I didn’t know there were other Detroit fans on here. :slight_smile: I’ve been a fan my whole life what with my parents growing up in Detroit and myself growing up there. I live in enemy Colorado territory now, but still love my Wings (just not when they play on the road this season, apparently). And…Datsyuk…need I say more?

NHL: Detroit Red Wings

I’ve loved this team ever since I was about 6 years old and they’re still doin great