HOB Group

HOB will be my first LP Concert Ever!!. I also bought another ticket for my lil siste(As her bday Present)[surprised] which will be Her First Concert Ever! And I am just SOOO exited to be at a show that is only for LPUers, It’s just great!!
I’ve met so many great people on here and i Though that it would be a great idea if we get together and make a group at the show and just hang, i Think that this will be a great opportunity to get to know some of you in person, and Make some New LPU friends :slight_smile:
So what do you guys say? , it would be really cool if we all get to meet each other in person!

So If you interested Let Me know!
LPU 4 ever!! ^-^
See ya at The HOB!!!

sounds very good :slight_smile: I wish I could come too!

Let’s do it! :slight_smile:

i’m down as well. when will you all be arriving at HOB? i wanna get their very early to possibly get a great spot for the show

That’d be very cool! Does anyone know when the doors will open to let people in? I live about an hour North of LA and trying to plan on what time to leave my house because I want to be in line ahead of time so I can get as close to the stage as possible. I’m going to be sad if I’m way in the back since I’m short…won’t be able to see anything :stuck_out_tongue:

We should all get there at least a couple hours early, at least by 5. I still don’t know what time will call is allowing you to pick up tickets. Imma call tho as it gets closer

Ya I was thinking at least 4:00 or 5:00 :slight_smile:

Great!! :smiley:
I was also thinking to get there around 4pm so we can be at the front :3 cause for sure i don’t wanna be in the middle or way to the back cause i’m also a short Person lol =P

So what time and were exactly do you all think we should meet up :slight_smile:

I’d be down, I’m not sure what time I’m gonna get there though cause both my friend and I have to get out of work early, meet up, then head over. I think were going to try to get there by 5 cause of will call and parking.

I just checked that HOB opens at 5pm… :slight_smile:

[quote=Lileh_R.]I just checked that HOB opens at 5pm… :slight_smile:
Looks like I’ll be there at 5 ha

Lpu hang afterwords perhaps in the bar area or somewhere nearby? It would be soooo cool to all meet up and meet all of you =o)

Yeahhh drinks on drinks on drinkkksss haha

Aaaw great idea but damn I’m not 21 :confused:

yes I’m always down to get my drink on.



I’ll be there! I’ll be arriving at 2pm or so at the latest!

So early! :), i have to work so i cant go that early :confused:

I want to! But I don’t get off work til 5pm, then another hour to drive, I wouldn’t get there til 6pm at the earliest.