Hello, I'm new here


Hi. I hope it’s okay if I can introduce myself. I’m new here, and it’d be cool if I could make some friends I guess? I’m also really shy and suck at conversations. Umm yeah. I hope I’m not breaking the rules or anything >_< sorry.


Helloooo and welcome new soldier!! :sun_with_face: :smile: Don’t be shy! We’re a family here! :blush: Hope to see you around! :smile:

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Thank you. ;~;

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You’re welcome! :sun_with_face: Feel free to ask anything you don’t understand and we’ll try to help you, but if you browse around you’ll see things are easy to do… hehe Oh and if you want join us in the game area… :wink:


Hey! Welcome to the family. Don’t be afraid to jump right in. We’re a friendly, slightly crazy, bunch. :smile:

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How do I comment on other posts? Maybe I can’t because I don’t have the option yet? I’m using my phone btw.


Heh. Thanks. ^^

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Hey! No worries, friend! I’ve been here for a year but I still consider myself new. I can’t get on much due to school, but when I can it’s great and fun. So just have fun!

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Aye! Welcome friend! Now I won’t be considered the new guy on here anymore. :grin:

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Hi there!

Welcome to our family :slight_smile:

You can call @discobot to help you out with some basic things.


Hi! To find out what I can do, say @discobot display help.


@mcf2000 : @IronSoldier16 replied to you in my place…
In your next post say:

@ discobot start new user (no spaces between @ and the name)

It’s a bot and it’ll reply to you in private… :wink:

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@discobot start new user


Hey and welcome. :slight_smile:

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Oh btw…biiiiiig question in @theearlywalker style: are you a girl or a boy? :blush:


Welcome to the LPU!

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Welcome to the LPU! :grinning:

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Welcome, hope you have a great experience here and welcome to the family.

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I’m a girl


LMAO. Looking to play it safe from the start this time? :joy:

@mcf2000, we tend to find that gender is something that we all wrongly assume here, it usually results in some awkward yet funnny situations. LOL