Happy Birthday project for Chester 2019


What you feel, what you want: a drawing, a letter, a photo, a short video talk, :thinking: writing on the ground, all you think like doing it’s fine! Then our personal videomaker, Nick will put altogether with Rick soundtrack :blush:


Perfect…that’s amazing, I will think about something that may fit and then I’ll send everything!
Thanks for thinking about me too c:


Nice!! also, I know you’re new here, but you can trust Nick and also say to him if you want to put your real name there or just your user name :wink:

Of course! I’m so happy I got another soldier-sister! :blush:


My letter for Chester as you can see I also have it in his favorite color rainbow

I wanted to do a bright yellow but you couldn’t see the words when I did that


That’s fine, I don’t have any problem…I won’t hide my identity :male_detective:

I’ve always loved the LP family and how we welcome eachother… thanks :black_heart:


@gabridc98 always :heart: welcome :blush::hugs:


This is so cool


Thank you so much :heavy_heart_exclamation::heavy_heart_exclamation::heavy_heart_exclamation:


@littlemissantisocail read post 35 and join us for Chaz😊

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Thank you very much


I’ve already sent some pictures through the email, my phone for some reason won’t let me send them here

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No worries, as long as you’re part of it :hugs:

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So far I haven’t had any inspiration on what to do for this project, so I think I’ll just use my track as my contribution


I’ve got an idea for a little photo I wanna send but I want to wear my best shirt on it and it’s in the dryer right now ;-;

Will send when I can ~

(If anyone is curious: I want to make a photo of my LP tattoo on my arm, holding it before my chest, and then caption the photo with “The mark you left on all of us will last lifetimes”. How does that sound?)


That sounds beautiful…can’t wait to see your tattoo :black_heart:

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It’s really nothing special; it’s just the logo, and not even that big :sweat_smile: It’s just not my style to go grand on a tattoo, though I do really like seeing more flashy tattoos on other people.

I don’t have the photo I’ll send for the project yet but I can just show the tat itself here:

I went for the OML logo but asked them to cut short & kinda fade out on Chester’s part of the hexagon. (Idk if that’s very visible; that didn’t come out entirely as I hoped, but it doesn’t matter that much.) I didn’t want to leave out that line entirely (like in the new logo), I felt like that would feel too ‘empty’. This was my own, simplistic, solution to acknowledging the loss without cutting out the line entirely :relaxed:


I think that’s perfect. Easy and clean but full of meaning…amazing
And I think the faded part is perfect… to be honest I prefer it instead of the missing line of the actual logo, it makes me sad…


Same here! :pleading_face: :hugs:

@evowarrior5 I like your idea very much!! :heart:


I am striating in a while – thins are a huge mess, but ti think I have enough time)


I wanted to take part. But Chesters 43. birthday just freaks me out.
Chester is to the day 2 weeks older than me.
42 is my favourite number for ever, even before I read “the hitchhiker’s guide to the galaxy”.
I always wanted to be 42.
And now?
Such a short time.
Getting older and older.
Leave him behind.
You know, I grew up with Nirvana.
Kurt Cobain and his Music actually saved me. And I really thought, that he lived a lot of years.
Yea, I was just really young then.
Reaching 27 it was a strange feeling, to be the same age.
And than growing older, leaving him behind, just than realising that he was so young, missed so much. But then, I was used to, him being dead.
After Nirvana, I listened al lot to Johnny Cash (and Linkin Park), mostly the Rick Rubin produced stuff. He is dead too, but he was 72. Lots and lots of years to come for me to really feel the development.
But Chester.
There cant be any development.
I continue on. He is not.
Sure on other levels, he lives forever.
Forever his voice, Forever 41.
That’s just.
I don’t know.
I hold on to Mike.
Wish him al long, creative life, full of development, joy and Music.
Music I can listen to and feel this connection and grow old with.

Sorry, I don’t want to bring the mood down, just had to write this.
I love it here.
Love all your celebratory activities!