Happy Birthday project for Chester 2019


Hi so I was wondering if there’s going to be any memorials for Chester’s birthday in March, and I wasn’t sure where to look so I guess I just came here. If you guys don’t mind saying any that you know of, Then we can all know where they are. Thank you so much.:heart:


Action 4 Chester will post details for the UK one later today.

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Thanx for bringing the theme up. His birthday is comming up soon and I would absolutely say that - besides memorials at the diffrent locations - we should consider to do something virtual for him - to honor him like we did last year with the videos. Either if it is a hashtag we post our contributions for honoring him on twitter or a vid again, maybe all people intressted in can leave their opinion here and we can plan something from out of the lpu to show our deepest love for Chaz? Leave a comment what you guys think about the idea

What are you TEMPORARILY doing right now?


Please read post above and leave a feedback if you would like to contribute in a virtual project to honor Chazzies bday…


Great idea! I think we need to do something different this time, but what? :thinking:


Whatever it is, please don’t make it too big, I’m already really busy.


Definitely, that would be cool. We could possibly do a video with people saying happy birthday to him?


That’s a nice idea, and sorry that I started this discussion in your thread, hope it’s ok with you? And maybe we sing happy birthday alltogether? Let the ideas spread guys and I love your username @littlemissantisocail it’s cool :heart_eyes:

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That why I made this, because I want to know that’s happening, so it’s all good, and thanks!

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I have some ideas like if we wanted to do something similar to the One More Light thing we could do it for the song Waiting for the End, I’m my opinion that’s a really emotional and powerful song.


I love to feel you this creative. Ok, how about this: we wait until tomorrow this time for upcoming ideas, then we set a poll and let the majority decide the concrete action… ?! Then we can start soon to make our contributions :blush::heart: I love to feel your great spirit

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Okay ya sounds good, sorry I got excited :joy:


Thank you for tagging me, dear, please let us know once the poll is up :two_hearts:


I think we should keep it simple

We could all say happy bday maybe we can rope in those that can speak different languages to say happy bday


I like that idea for all of us singing happy birthday to him


I’d like to participate. Please tag me on polls and in the process. I will try to find time.


I’m in. This is a great idea.


Thanks for the tag @theearlywalker I am definitely in as well!


When will the poll be?

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So far we these options and according to the time we should start - thanx for the reminder @IronSoldier16 :blush:

  • Saying Happy Birthday in english
  • Saying Happy Birthday in mothertongue
  • Singing Happy Birthday
  • Holding up a sign with Happy Birthday
  • A mix of all these options-each as he likes

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I think the idea of having a song in the background is nice, only I think it should be something positive- why not @rickvanmeijel Higher Frequencies? But it’s our project and this is only my idea for a song. @littlemissantisocail WFTE is definitely nice and emotional and positive in its own way- but it makes a lot of us still cry… and we wanna celebrate :tada: life with this vid.

Maybe we can make a poll for the song then too? Any suggestions guys? And who is able and willing to put all the contributions together to a vid and upload it to yt then? Maybe our residential video maker @NickGr ? Do you have time Dr, Nick?!

Now vote and leave your feedback guys- then we can move on … tag list is same as above- if you won’t be tagged further on leave a note please - and now… let’s become creative once more family :tada::notes::man_dancing:t2: