Happy Birthday Mike Shinoda


Happy birthday indeed :slight_smile:

Happy birthday best rapper… :wink:

Happy B-Day Mike :slightly_smiling:

Happy Birthday!! :birthday: :balloon:

happy birthday Mike Shinoda!

Happy birthday Mike! :tada:

and also to @samuel_the_leader :birthday:

First I just wanna say Happy Birthday Mike!!

I know that it takes all 6 guys of the band to make Linkin Park records. All 6 guys, and all the people behind the scenes. BUT, Mike is my biggest inspiration. Collectively, this band inspires me to create my own music. Individually, Mike, inspires me lyrically. Because of LP, I’ve definitely grown through my teens and up to my age now, of 25. Just knowing all the things Mike does, that we don’t see, it makes me wanna strive for more than I originally that about. With music, and life in general. I could go on, but I’m not tryna bore anyone lol.

Hey…hey… Mike’s, Dave’s, Joe’s and at this time Chester’s age refers to rule 39… @EvoOba @TripleXero @LP13413 @purrfect


no you… :stuck_out_tongue:

(pokes @purrfect in the neck with a fork)

and today birthdays over lol

Well technically a birthday is never over according to the human bean handbook. It could be someone else’s birthday everyday

so create another topic…lol :joy:

Or just post on here?

Whatever it is, I’ll like to thank @The_early_walker @EvoOba @Gatsie @the_termin8r1 in the forums who said happy birthday to me.


Why should a birthday just be on one day? There are people who like to celebrate the birthday of a person for more than a day. They would like, have a party for the family and then have another party with friends. And then there’s people who just keep open house for a week [sometimes two] to give all friends and family opportunity to celebrate with.

You’re welcome @samuel_the_leader, hope you had a fun day.

No problem, @Gatsie. And @Mike is always welcome to visit one of the fans’ house. Lol

Because you were born on one day. Unless you were born at exactly midnight.