Happy Birthday Mike Shinoda

Happy birthday Mike and i wish you all the best wishes

Still is no reason to just leave it to a party for one day.

Yes but then the party on the next day wouldn’t a B-day party it would be a post B-day party.

here, have some unicorn poo in a jar

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Why did I only just now saw this picture?

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There’s one of him back in 2006 during a Fort Minor show. They were all so drunk but somehow managed to surprise Mike and had everyone in birthday hats and stuff.

EDIT: Found the pics


How adorable is that :slight_smile:

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Posting here…reviving this thread… :laughing:

Does anyone of you know if there’ll be some project for Mike bday?
Next week,maybe it’s too late to start something… just want to know… :sweat_smile:

We could all make a picture where we set something in fire and hold a sign “When the world’s on fire, all I need is you. Happy bday Spike Minoda”.

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:grimacing: yeah, I know… we usually celebrate Mike and Chester and say simply"happy bday" to the others… we should change that habit… breaking the habits!!
Well if somebody has an idea for Phoenix, it’ll be really welcome! :heart:

I think this year it’s too late for a project until next week- so maybe we could twitter all the same sentence ??

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Lets go cliché and spam Twitter with #happybdayphoenix or something? And then set something on fire? :fire::fire::fire:


Twitter hastag would be cool! :grin:
I can’t cause as you all know I don’t have Twitter,but I’m sure lots of soldiers have… :wink:

For the fire pics… :thinking: do you mean posting them on Twitter/forum or make a sort of vid?

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Post wherever a lot of Soldiers are :grin:

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Let us use the tag: #takeyourshirtoffshinoda and spam Twitter :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Come on… Don’t do it to him on his birthday :rofl:

Oops. Here is a poll on what tag to use on Twitter for Mike’s birthday.

  • 1 #takeyourshirtoffmikeshinoda
  • 2 #happybdaymikeshinoda
  • 3 #hereisdaketchup
  • 4 #sockitmike
  • 5 something else ( comment with your Idea)

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:joy::joy::joy: best poll ever - great work my queen of unicorn- poop


I love you @gatsie


Love you too pat dear :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: