Guitar pick and drumstick


do any of you like me collect Linkin Park picks and drumsticks? post your photos😀



I have a few LP picks, would love drumsticks! someday maybe haha.

I’ll have to post my small collection when I get home from work today lol

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Impressive! How did you manage to get all these?

I have Brad’s guitar pick (the one in the middle)

One of Rob’s drumsticks

And I also have one of Mike’s picks from the PT tour, the yellow one. That’s back home in London though so I can’t take a photo.


me too :grin: during Milan show :slight_smile:



That is quite the collection!

I have a handful of picks, no drum sticks. I have every LPU pick and one basic LP logo one that Lorenzo handed me at Summerfest in 2015


Why so many duplicates?


my friends have given them to me :grinning:


You can take a photo of this ?


I don’t have them on display or anything, but I can get a picture eventually. I have pictures with them included in the Collectors topic somewhere though

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Can you link it please ? :slight_smile:


I’m waiting your photo :slight_smile:


This is most of them, the photo with the LPU 8 and 16 one is further down somewhere

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Oops totally forgot!
Currently have it in my LP wall of fame (if you can call it that Haha) theres also pins, spinners, a vinyl record and a drawing I did back in 2012 :smile:


In 2014, I attended an LPU Summit in Darien Center, NY. Part of my day included a tour of the stage led by Ted (bass tech). Needless to say, he handed out a bunch of Dave’s picks.

The A Thousand Suns tin I bought at the merch booth on their 2011 tour.
The Hunting Party tin I bought in the LP store.

(Under the ATS tin) In 2012, I attended an LPU Summit in Camden, NJ. They had exclusive picks for that event. The one next to those is one of Mike’s Living Things picks. When I bought the drumsticks off an LPU friend through Facebook, she included that in her package.

The pick inside the tin I received at the meet and greet that night.

These are all one-sided.


I’m looking for ats tin :sob:


The tins are amazing! I wish the THP one was still up for sale. My picks need a place to live.


I have thp tin :sweat_smile:


Love those drum sticks still in the package!!:metal::metal:

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