Guess the lyrics

Although I searched already I am still unsure if a post like this was created or not. The game is pretty simple, guess the lyrics. You guess what the lyrics come from, what song–I would say artist, but that would be too hard and SOME LOSERS, would like to make things difficult!!! (Also me :3)


  1. If you do not know the lyrics then don’t answer. If it comes down to it and no one knows it then the person who post the lyric will give the answer and either:
    A. Go again
    B. @ someone to go

  2. No cheating!! Going off rule number one, if you do not know then do not cheat. We are all love music, but in pretty sure not everyone knows every song.

  3. There is only one Time!! where you can use a cheat every other four rounds! You have to type: ‘spoiler’ and then the answer. And then you won’t be able to answer another one after two rounds.

  4. Do not pick a line from a song that no one will get. Do not try to be difficult, not only will you not be able to play that round, but you be banned to play for at least two rounds.

  5. Do not pick a song that even you do not know!!!

Although, unless you heard a song and you actually want help finding out who sung it, then yeah you can post!

This could always update if someone invokes something.

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“I tried to stick this pin through a butterfly ‘cause I …
I like all the pretty colors”

Oh really, and who’s gonna ban me? :stuck_out_tongue:

And how does on do that? :wink:

But seriously, I don’t know this one.

Did you type that winking?

I thought that as well… It’s fairly new…

So I guess I will have to start off easy. But I recommend you guys to go and check out the song. ‘Black Honey’ by Thrice


“And they called and I said that I’ll go
And I said that I’ll call out again”

Nicky Minaj - Anaconda?


Oh. Is it… Uhm…

I just called to say I love you by Stevie Wonder???

Google had the wrong lyrics…all five places had the wrong lyrics!!!

And NO!

is it this one?

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Yellow Ledbetter by Pearl Jam

@gatsie you can go


Let’s get down to business

Make a man out of you, Mulan

YAY! Your turn again @intheend :stuck_out_tongue:

“So we will try not to cry
When we’re walkin’ in their shoes.”

Blind man by black stone cherry? ;D

(gasps) you got it right!!! Go!!!

“I know I’m running out of time, I want it all”