A little laughter never hurts

Never heard that song :open_mouth:

@gatsie :stuck_out_tongue:

yea…somehow true…


For me, it made me think of the lemons on Chester’s pair:


Seriously though, why?


“I was Talking To Myself” :joy:

@intheend peace :stuck_out_tongue:

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@NoireXJasper that was gr8!!! :smile:


@jFar920 ;-; she’s stalking me!
Ban her :sunglasses:

I’m not “she” or “her” duh :smirk::stuck_out_tongue:


Wait…you’re a guy D;


Even i didn’t knew that :confused: I thought a girl…

My god… They thought I’m a girl :open_mouth:

Ahhh men… I’m so fabulous



I guess you act like one

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Guys, since when is Jasper a girl’s name? I remember everyone kept thinking that @amitrish was a girl.

Even @anngelenee thought that I’m a girl

And she will might stalk me like Chester as what she said lol :joy:

Not actually…He could be anyone. We can’t always guess correctly. What if i keep my name jacob being a fan of assassin’s creed syndicate??
I really didnt knew its his real name “Jasper”

Well sorry for that @NoireXJasper

New thread idea: guy or gal
Embarrassed to say I tended to assume I was speaking to dudes most the time :flushed:

Its fine :sunglasses:

Since you don’t know where the “Noire” came from… She’s a 2D anime character from an RPG game for PS consoles and I have too much obsessed with her


So I just combine the name and mine :grin:

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Thats so good…and i really love your profile pic…literally. I like it so much. I reminds me of my fav. game The Rise of the Tomb Raider :smile:

Oh btw… My profile pic is from a MOBA game “DoTA 2”

His name is Juggernaut… My best pick hero :sunglasses:

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