Guess A Soldier

Awe, you guys. :heart: :hugs::stuck_out_tongue:love you too


Let’s seeee…
-from the capital of a country whose flag is primarily green and red
-liked the most by my “cousin” :joy:

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@lpfan61 ?

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I knew that’s be first guess haha

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Its not Agus is it?

You tell me :face_with_raised_eyebrow: is the Argentina flag green and red? :thinking:

Lol, just asking.

Lol no, it’s not her :upside_down_face:

Give us a hint please @framos1792

The country she’s in speaks the same as Brazilians :upside_down_face:

If you know the country I’m pretty sure you’ll know who it is that’s why I’m leaning that way
Oh also she’s @melisLP’s long lost relative :joy: (maybe somewhere in their lineage :thinking:)

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@manypintas ?

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Is it me?:joy::joy::joy:

Correct! :grin: terminator had it first hehe

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@the_termin8r you go!

Sorry, forgot about this.

  • Did me a favour recently
  • Great friend
  • Coffee addict

@theearlywalker ?
@NickGr ? But he’s more a Mac addicted :crazy_face:


No to all.

@evooba :bulb: lol - was my second guess



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