Guess A Soldier

Kinda a funny game
1)So you describe a LPU(or just a forum) soldier with three words
2)Others got to guess it in 10 guesses
3) The guesser goes next
4) If no one can guess, then give an answer and tag someone else
I’ll start:





Yup, lol

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lol I go so, :joy:

hard outer skin
lovely inner core
bitter funny always?

Who I am?

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nooope, how do you? :joy:
yep, ya right, who goes?

(ot nice one btw :D)

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:joy: :hugging:
well… let @silentstagepunk get in)

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i’ve already guessed it @silentstagepunk. set a new person))

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Oh xD okay sorry

  1. loves Slipknot and Stone Sour
  2. loves Linkin Park (don’t we all)
  3. is a girl
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hmm… kinda hard one!
lemme guess… Ann?(@anngelenee?)

Nope… :grin:

The new person with the blue avatar. Sorry I can’t recall their name but I’m on my phone and navigation is too much of a pain to look it up.

EDIT: I was thinking of evkorngdlpid


Sorry but I don’t understand this game at all.
What are we suppose to do?
Please someone explain to me.

So, you think up a person from the forum and describe her/him in a three words. Other guys have to guess who it is

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Hello everyone
How i can submit my news or blog here on linkinpark ?
best regards
steve smith

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Idk if the feature is still available but you have to go on the main LPU site and do it from there. Also I think you need a paid LPU account but I’m not sure.

It still works

^^ Correct

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The Meme?