Go home you're drunk!

awkward aotocorect fails

Type: Anthropomorphism

“And horolimorphism”
“Am using people in KO puien”

I tried it several times

Huh, and I didn’t even notice @the_termin8r1 ;-;

Type: supercalifragilisticexpialidocious

supercalfarfilisticexoialaddiucious (that was a fail but in my defence I can’t be bothered to memorise the spelling so even if I did hit the right keys it’d still have the wrong spelling).

Type: The usernames of 5 forum users (they don’t have to be mentions).

Super cauliflower justice expo litigious

(Stupid autocorrect)

Type: Antidisestablishmentarianism

out of race me :joy: lol i but seesfunny lol, I tried right now and ended up at creating a topic lol [can´t even stay on keybord- lettaz-field… ] but hi @everybody sameways…:stuck_out_tongue:

Me too. :frowning:

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Amtidisasrablishmentaeinism (oohh, that was close)

Keep your hand on the keyboard, don’t lift off for every letter and feel your way around.

Type: (The above statement)

Keep your hand on the jeyboard, don’t lift off for evert letter and feel your way around.

Close enough… type: Brainstorming for a novel with a critique group.

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baonstorming for a novel with crituqie feobf (I screwed up the last word real good :laughing:)

Type: Who is yet to make the biggest hash of a sentence?

I’m now on mobile, can’t do that.

Who has yet to make the biggest hash of a as fans

I imagine autocorrect helped with that quite a bit

Type: Zebra’s are worth $193 in pennies

$493 in ;emmoes Zebtas are flegn (heuheuheu :joy: I facked that one up really badly) I think I must have hit the home button when I tried using my number pad .

Type: £1 = $1.44

wbgj jx aaadf LOL
type: this is homebase - feel free buddie :kissing_closed_eyes:

No, that was the sentence I was supposed to type xD

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this is himebade ; feel free buffie (I didn’t do the emoti because I didn’t know which one it was by heart)

Type: hahahahaha

(if you somehow manage to screw that up you’re gonna look a right prat :stuck_out_tongue: )



(well that went well :stuck_out_tongue: )

Type (in the exact order): asdfsrtgue;oheocneirces

(My condolences)

aiosrdwfovetgb V3q5jrsgddvfd

@Gatsie you have to give something for the next person to type.