Go home, you're drunk!

here’s a fun little typing game you guys can do. My nephew was Facebook (he’s 11 and has a fb -.-) and saw this little game.

I thought his would be a fun game on here. So the game is, you’re basically trying to type a sentence with your eyes close. Take turns typing blind and then challenge someone to do the same.


So I will start…

Try typing: “I enjoy my time in the lpu.”


… don´t bother ya, I changed the category from ´the barracks` to this category here, lol @intheend [cause it´s a game…:relaxed: ]

my try: iebji my ti sd on thdd lp lol :relaxed:

you have to type:
I love everybody on earth [lol]

Type: Chocolate is the best thing ever.

Chocolate is the best thing ever

…that’s how it came out…

Type: “I’m a banana panda”

I tried it again…but it came out the same…

imnbaban paanana

You have to challenge the next person D;<

isvh bjbn ienv banbanbe pansdsa

(I think I type better in Deutsche: Ich bin ein banane panda)

#My keyboard is killer!

My keyboard s killer!

Mehh… it’s not fun on the computer, too easy if you know touch type. (how lame, apparently I didn’t put an i in there :stuck_out_tongue: )

Type: All you need is a king.

All you need is a kinf

I think my autocorrect kicks in or I am just that good ;D

Type: bunnies are out to get me.

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binnies are out to get me

Type: Meme is out to get you

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@intheend you misspelled ‘you’re’ in the title

mrm is out to get you (oh snap, I nearly nailed it)

Type: This is fun

tjis is fujn

(So close)

Type: Typography of Baloney

Typgrapgy of Baloney

Type: The struggle is real.

the struggke us reak (hahaha)

Type: I’m trying to write a really long paragraph but can’t be bothered to come up with one.

im tryinv to wtuhe a rwillr lohg paeagrwpn bur vajt be botjwews ro xione yp wirk pnr

(You know I’m bad at this)

Type: The difficulty level is extremely ridiculous.

the dofficulty level is ectemelt ridiculous :joy:

Type: This is getting interesting

This is getting interesting

Maybe I should do these on my phone instead, it’ll be funnier.

Type: Unicorns are real.

Unicorns are real

(Phone this time - I’m sure it’s autocorrect)

Type: Awkward Autocorrect Fails.