Get Inspired! The LPU friends and support

Hey there!
Welcome to the forums. You will find many of us are outcasts but brought together by LP. Greiving is something that is different for each individual. It is a natural process that may take someone one day to get over, another it may take 10 years. Take your time and know that you are not alone. We are all here for you if you need us

This goes to all of you who are feeling alone! You are never alone! You just have to find others that feel the same way you do, and by coming here, I can assure you that you have finally found it!


I like to heard/read that. Don’t feel shy and let’s play a lot :wink:


Relationships/friendships were all nightmares. Even the so called longtime friends I quickly realized are only still around because I’m kept just in case they need something. I’ve been thru hell, treated like trash, stepped on and beaten. So I want others to never feel like that! So I give a lot, I don’t have much but I still try to give to help “friends or family” in need. But I have learned the painful truth that they all keep their distance, so they don’t have to deal with my demons but when they want something they pop up with " oh I missed you! We should totally hang out! …hey by the way I was wondering if you could help me out???":unamused: so I have left them at that distance and been workin on tryin to make me better. It hurts to look back and even when I was at my lowest addicted to multiple drugs not eating for days at a time, no one would even look my direction… unless they wanted to party with me. Suicide and I are close, not only am I a survivor of it but I lost my brother to it. I have scars from years back and fresh ones from merely weeks ago. Wow… sorry a bit heavy there, once I start writing it’s hard to stop. And here like I said I have felt more welcomed and safe then I EVER have anytime in my life​:blue_heart::hugs: so again thank u and please bare with me, I am a giant nerd once I can shake this heaviness off! PROMISE!:grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes::grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


Welcome @danni1317! :hugs:

Well we all are. Everyone is, in a way :slight_smile: That’s what makes us unique. Don’t be shy and write your thoughts whenever you feel like it. It it helps, the better, it’s completely ok. I promise there always be someone who’ll listen.


Thank you I’m seeing what an awesome place this is! I really hope to make many friends here​:blush::blush:


We’re already friends! :rofl: I think that everyone of us has its own story…and it’s because of this that we are here talking… but this has to make us strong! I wouldn’t change nothing, because everything made the person I am now and I wouldn’t be different…


I have depression too you are not alone I am going though this too it’s hard for me too i been cutting myself too

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It’s hard, I’ve literally been working myself to death. The more I keep myself busy the less I’m able to cut. Especially if I’m at work, it’s so hectic that I don’t have time. So I’ve been working 90hr weeks where I come home too tired to harm myself. I did go get Chester’s signature over one of my largest scars. I found the pain of getting tattoos sometimes helps take that edge off. But it only for a short time…hang in there! We can help eachother💙

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Yea I know the feeling of the pain I cut myself when I get the chance to do it I play video games to keep me busy when I am alone than I cut

Lately I try to keep a notebook with me so when I can escape for a few i can sit and write. I also collect poems and quotes and write them all down in this book.
I have an 11yr old so video games are kinda out of the question lol

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what do you mean out of the question? that’s when you challenge the kid and have fun together ::grin:

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True! It has been a long time since I kicked his butt, I may be a bit rusty lol

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Ok soldiers, I know it’s all in my head but today is hard. My chest is tight and I feel sick to my stomach. I can hardly focus and all i wanna do is hide and blast my music till I escape these feelings… I won’t lie the urge to cut is there like a looming figure waiting off in the shadows…i can’t hide but a few minutes because I’m at work…

Ok! Stay focus on something. Hear the singing’s birds, count your steps to someplace or try to breath deep and remember that we are here for you.

Are you at work yet?


Yes, been here almost 5 hours and still have hab11 more to go…im trying to keep myself busy but I can feel it get worse

Do you have a special site to go? For example: A restaurant, a square, or similar where you can spend the time. Or play some board game like chess, sudokus, crosswords, etc. Or some sport you can practice like running, walking, or something that makes you spend your energy?

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Feeling alone and lost can be frustrating. Out of frustration or boredom I tend to smoke a lot. It’s rather hard to try smoke less. Listening to music was another way for me to relax. LP music was a great antidepressant. But, since Chester’s death I kind of can’t listen to their music as I used to.

But there surely are other things you can do to get your mind off things and keep yourself occupied. Maybe chat with your LP family here on the forums. We’ve got fun forum games here too, they are rather random but that makes it quite fun to escape a bit too.
Or if you’ve got a phone with you that supports Youtube or whatever, you could always just watch a fun movie or something.

I was feeling like crap when I got home from work today but after watching some free Anime movie on youtube I felt a bit better.

Anyways… Know that you are not alone. It will get better. One step at a time :slight_smile:

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I work with elderly clients so I have a few i like to hide away with…

wow guys, so nice to read this thread, it`s incridible, and nice and goose bumps reading these posts and feeling the desparadness and the caring for the new soldier - very very lovely :heart_eyes:

@danni1317 welcome soldier, good you finally arrived here to cope with your feels

But where I work is very stressful, lots of people pulling you in many different ways.i love my clients but hate the company…lately with all this stress my body has taken a beating. I am still working on not holding in all the emotions but it’s so hard, even writing to u guys here takes a lot. I still feel like a burden or like some one is rolling their eyes as they read me whining…