Game: Answer question with a question

would it be mean if i say no?

if you say no, what would it mean?

But if intheend didn’t say no, would it mean he said yes?

Does anyone know that @intheend is female?

What if she’s been misleading us all this time making us think it’s a ‘she’?

would it be rude to say that you both are weird losers and will go missing soon? @TripleXero @RuneSorcerer

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What the fudgepecker?

Should I know what a fudgepecker is?

Do you not know what a fudgepecker is?

Do people not like this game?

Don’t you realize that only those who can access the LPU only forums can play this game?

Isn’t that sad?

You got the news, than I can join in right now?

Why didn’t you continue in the ‘fun’?

Have you heard that Alan Rickman, [the actor who played Prof. Snape in Harry Potter] died of cancer?

Is it important to knew him?

He’s played in some big movies such as Die Hard and all the Harry Potter movies. I thought he was a great actor. But I guess it depends on what someone considers as important?

Ahh nono, I saw it on TV but realy my sunshine :heart_eyes: @gatsie I´m neither in Harry Potter nor can I remain the bad part of the first Die Hard [these ones with Bruci Willis lol?]

Why did @Gatsie and @The_early_walker ansered with a question? Does the game stoped?

ps: love Harry Potter movies. So sad that Profº Snape actor died!

Sry, no stopping, wasn´t it clear? @Taissa_Cartolano [ot I´m not native speaker btw]