Game: Answer question with a question


How about another fun lil game to play?
I dare you all; can you answer my question with a question?
Wanna try?
Has this been done before?
Wanna humor me and see if you can stand up to this playful banter?
Isn’t it true that constructive thought prevents deterioration of the brain?
Or do you think this is just stupid?
If so, is that because you’re just no fun?
All work and no play?
Can you answer with a single question?

… Who’s next?


Will Gatsie be next?

(I don’t know if I’m playing this right)


Why so confused, dude?


Confused about the rules?


Are you assuming I can’t understand what’s going on by now?

(I feel like most of these are going to come out sounding mean)


So, you know it’s all meant in good fun and know what’s going on by now?


why isn’t anyone playing this game? :stuck_out_tongue:


Maybe the game is harder than I assumed it would be?


would you guys get mad if i mess up the game by not asking another question?

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Would you even attempt something so evil?


what kind of question is that?


what kind of question is THAT?


Are we about to get stuck in a loop?


Are you getting loopy?


are we getting anywhere with this game?


Was there a goal to begin with?


are we that badass? hehehhe


would it be mean if i say no?


if you say no, what would it mean?


But if intheend didn’t say no, would it mean he said yes?