Future of Linkin Park?


I hate it say it, but I personally feel like “Linkin Park” is finished. Over and out. Never again…

Chester is irreplaceable. Nobody can do what he did. He was far too unique of an individual. No one could ever take his place, and Mike just doesn’t have the vocal range that Chester had (literally NOBODY does). <— if anyone wants to argue against that statement, I insist that you listen to ‘The Messenger’ again before starting your argument.

If I had to bet, I would say that the rest band knows this to be true. When Chester died, so did Linkin Park.

I think the best we can hope for is a Nirvana/Foo Fighters scenario. Maybe Fort Minor will be that avenue, or maybe it’ll be something else completely. But whatever it is; whenever it comes… I’ll be there, ready to jam out.


I have always respected - and admired - Linkin Park’s decisions, including how their sound has courageously changed from album to album. If for whatever reason they feel its time to wrap it up, it’s no big deal. Whatever any of the bandmates follow up with, I will check it out and support! <3


Thank you @alexandretogeirotorr @tommyguns8 that was my gut instinct at first, but i respect & understand what you’re saying. And you’re both right.


A lot of people are saying it’s “too soon” and I definitely agree that we can’t expect the band to be making that decision right now. They’ve got too much else to process. But I don’t think it’s “too soon” to just be wondering what’s next.

I guess they have 3 options: Continue as 5 members, replace Chester, or be done. I guess right now I’m curious and weighing the options, but just want to respect whatever they choose. Even I can’t decide what I’d like to see happen right now. I hate the idea of them being gone, but Chester’s voice, personality, and stage presence are truly irreplaceable.

IF they do end up finding another new singer (I won’t say “replacing Chester” because that’s not happening), I just hope it’s someone with as much passion and energy and presence and commitment as Chester had.


I can’t see Mike singing any of their songs without Chester, with someone else singing Chester’s parts. but then again, maybe in time it could be possible, kind of like Queen is now. it’s not like anyone could ever replace Freddie either, but especially Adam has been singing their songs pretty well imo. and he’s himself, not trying to be Freddie because that’s not possible. so basically their shows are only covers of what they used to be, but it still works.


I think the remaining members of Linkin Park should continue to make music. They have cultivated and nurtured a unique genre and there are still 5 super talented hard working musicians here. Of course, it’s not going to sound the same. Hell maybe they won’t even call themselves Linkin Park. But I do hope Mike, Joe, Brad, Rob and Dave continue to make music, in some way, some day.


I had that thought in mind. And its a brilliant idea


Well my opinion is that it sounds hard to keep LP alive, without one of it’s members. LP has always been 6 awesome and talented friends.
Now, and I’m really sad to say it, it is probably 5 broken hearted men… and the shadow of Chester will always be over LP. LP will always be remembered as Mike, Chester, Brad, Joe, Phoenix and Rob. Mentally, how can you keep LP spirit alive without one part of it’s soul ? In my opinion, some of lthw members will keep playing music after a break, some of them will simply stop.
I simply don’t think you can replace Chester and keep LP alive.


In their statement about Chester, they said their love for writing and performing will never go away. These guys have an unbreakable bond that has formed over the 20+ years of friendship and making music together. Leads me to believe they want to continue making music.
Their statement also said Chester can never be replaced.
Mike can always train his voice to be able to sing some of Chester’s parts, and they have 7 albums. There are plenty of songs to chose from. Yeah we might not ever hear songs like Crawling live again, but there are so many other songs in their library he can perform live. Not to mention the possibility of new music with Mike as main lead.

And that’s my theory that I think is honestly pretty possible.


I just don’t understand everyone saying they will simply quit Linkin Park altogether… yes Chester was an integral part of the band, but he was not the whole band.


I agree the skill determination and a crapload of inspiration and drive will be there it’s just that with the way they were, with their branding and loyalty, they’ll want to start on a tangent
Mike having fort minor Chester having had stp and dbs kind of shows they can compartmentalize and be like ok this is for this and respect to this but we’ll do this a different way
I feel that’ll be some of the thought process
They’ll sing linkin park but in the way Mike pumps out remember the name or similar during a lp show
I don’t know…


The most unique thing about LP was that they could reinvent themselves with every album. Obviously coming back to it without Chester they’d sound somewhat different because of circumstance and not by choice this time. But if any band can handle a change to their sound, it’s LP.

The real question to me is whether all 5 remaining members would be on board. Losing Chester is one part of it. We don’t yet know how the guys are holding up, and if any or all of them could ever return to LP. It’s possible one or more of them could walk away from music forever. Something like this, it’s hard to know how it will affect people.

That said, I have a hard time thinking that Mike wouldn’t do something in the future. Whether that’s LP, FM, or something else, who knows. But I don’t think he can sit still for too long without writing and recording.


Like Mike says, he never stops writing and making music.


A good day to everyone!
I would like LP to continue their future.
It is The Legend. LP has a great influence on us. LP must live, in a memory of Chester.


I got that too from their post. I think they will continue to make music. I don’t know how they will, but I hope they keep going.


If they think of making a new album, they can keep a lead for every song they make so that they don’t really have to replace chester and honour his place in the band


But I can’t see Linkin Park without Chester, it’s just too hard. :’( Cause upon first listen,to Crawling, he totally won me over. I don’t wanna come off as sounding like a Debbie Downer, But I don’t know what’s gonna happen.

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I can’t see the band continuing it just isn’t LP without Chester even if it’s Mike who probably was the main man lyrically…all the guys will carry on in music but in other walks of life now

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It may be too soon to think about the future when Chester just passed 2 weeks ago. I really hope linkin park will continue tho. Chester was a rare gem but I feel like linkin park is a band that all 6 guys are special in some way. I may be bias cuz I’ve been a fan of them but most bands nowadays you would only know the lead singer.

Ideally I would like to see mike in charge and even make songs with whatevee voice demo they have from Chester. In live shows I honestly wouldn’t mind seeing special guest and then just have the fans sing Chester’s part on some of the classics. I feel like the band should continue because they are all still so young and their creativity should not be wasted. There is no one who can replace Chester in the fans’ hearts, but that doesn’t mean linkin park can’t continue with a new singer who will just take LP to a new direction (as they always tried in every album… then get criticized lol)

Losing Chester hurts like a bitch but I’m still dreaming of the day I get to linkin park live again.


So… Here I am…
We need Linkin Park more than before. Rob, Brad, Mike, Dave and John need Linkin Park too. Nobody will replace Chester, we all know that. If the guys need another singer it’s ok.

I just want to leave this clearly:
In case of a new singer comes, he won’t replace Chester, he only work with the band to continue with the LP’s memories…