Future of Linkin Park?

I’m sure everyone is thinking what I am thinking? what’s gonna happen with the band? If anyone has heard of Suicide Silence frontman Mitch Lucker dying from a motorcycle accident a few years ago, but the band moved on & found a new singer & managed to put out a new album.

I don’t know what LP is going to do, but I was wondering, what did everyone else think?


It might be a little too soon to start to think about that
This has affected some people pretty hard, you need only go through a few threads to see…
I don’t believe they’ll continue
No one could replace him
Fort minor might spring up more
Perhaps another name but no, out of respect for the fans and for Chester and themselves Linkin Park will find closure and live on through what’s already here


I think it’s way too soon to be thinking about the future of the band.

I would love, as im sure many others would, for lp to continue without replacement. You cant replace him. But in the end the decision of whether to retire LP or not is with them. I dont think chester would want them to disband but it’s hard to see how they can keep going without him.

Whatever they decide I will respect it.


This is true. He was a true gem for all of us. This has affected me pretty hard, i lost my friend 3 years ago due to suicide. It’s hard, but taking it one day at a time. Just one day at a time.


I would love for them to continue, but I would not want anyone to replace chester. Lp as is or like someone said before me, go on with whats already there.


Exactly. Whatever they decide, like @ezzalouise said, we’ll respect it.


I don’t think they’ll replace Chester, but it would be nice if they created a song or an album in his memory with Mike as a lead


I hope that when (and if) they find a new singer, that they’d not try to find just a replacement for Chester. (S)he needs to be something completely different, otherwise their music will be ruined. Trying to make it like Chester will not work, nobody will be as good as him.

But I think Mike already knows that. I hope they’ll keep making wonderful music.


Hehe I like the (s)he :smirk: kinda interesting to wonder what that’d be like
Lizzy hale voice comes to mind

Alas as I keep saying too soon, shame on me :rage:


We’re all thinking it,“where to from here?” at the same time though I cant process that he’s gone. we need to breath and let them breath and come to a decision in their time. It could be months before they make a decision.


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I think that would be FANTASTIC if they made AT LEAST a song in his memory. I personally think that Linkin Park could go on with Mike as the full time vocalist. Maybe they’d have guest vocalists come in from whatever band they’re touring with to sing the songs that exist currently with Chester? Maybe Mark Wakefield would want to fill in for those parts. Who knows? It really is too soon to be thinking about it, but I feel like Mike has definitely improved his vocals to a point where he could be the lead vocalist (whether singing or rapping) and Brad has also shown himself as a singer for certain parts, so maybe he would be the harmony. We all know Mike is a musical genius when it comes to writing music, but I honestly don’t know if we’d ever get that “hard rock” edge in a Linkin Park album ever again. Maybe some heavy riffs with passionate rapping over it, but Mike is just not a “hard rock singer” from what we’ve seen (not saying that he CAN’T do it. We just haven’t seen him do it). But, if you enjoy the sound of songs like “Hands Held High,” “Roads Untraveled” and “Sorry for Now,” those are songs that are predominately Mike and could be the direction that they continue with. Honestly, I just want them to do what they’re comfortable with. If they chose to stop doing music altogether, I would be sad for them, but I would also totally understand and respect that decision. They would never lose the place they have in my heart. :heart:


I think it’s too early to think about that. We could asking but even tha band proably doesn’t know what to do rn.


Quite agree. As long as they do what they like or want, I will always be for them. Actually, in my eyes, the loss of Chester is a test to them. If Mike can stay strong and lead his guys through this hardship, I can say Linkin Park is a truly excellent band. Just looking forward to it.


I am totally confused! I am sure they try somehow to move on but I do not know on which way! Maybe they find a new singer or someone out of the band starts singinng… any ideas left but at least noone can replace this amazing guy that has committed suicide!

I have really a issue with the type he did it!

My heart and prayers go out to the band and the Bennington family. I imagine it’s a very difficult time for them to make any decisions of the future. Until then I think we should just love and support them through this and not speculate if they will continue or not. Eventually when the time of grieving slowly subsides, they will make a decision collectively regarding the future their faithful fans will respect. I don’t know them personally nor have I spoken to them. My thoughts are solely expressed for the love and care I have for these 5 amazing brave men.


for me, that sounds a bit rough. I feel whatever Mike (and the rest of the band) decides to do with Linkin Park now, it’s not “success” or “failure” of a test. they all just lost their best friend, they didn’t only lose a colleague or someone they just regularly work with, they lost someone who they actually LOVE & CARE about. so whatever they choose to do from now on, I will respect that, and they will do it together. they never had a “leader” in my eyes, they have always been working together as equal, so it’s not Mike’s (or anyone else’s) responsibility to make the band continue again.

honestly, I can’t even say what I hope for. I can’t see anyone replacing Chester (as can’t anyone in the band or anyone in the world pretty much), but I can’t see them quitting either. music is what they love doing the most and they’re all goddamn GOOD at it! so one way or another I’d see them continue making music, maybe not as Linkin Park anymore, but we’ll see.

whatever they choose to do, however they choose to continue from here, I will respect that and accept it with all my heart :two_hearts: I trust them and I feel like I know them, I’m sure whatever they’ll decide it’s the only right answer.


That ‘(s)he’ is totally my professional deformation (a scientist), but yes, it might be interesting :slight_smile:


I truly see where everyone is coming from (thank you all for your input). Whoever thought 6 guys who started out as a band, would become a brotherhood, and having all these wonderful memories that cannot be replaced. Chester is irreplaceable, we all know that. Like I said, let’s take it one day at a time. it’s been now 4 days since news broke. Let’s think about all the good things & funny moments that these guys have brought us fans. That’s how i wanna remember Linkin Park as a whole. My heart goes out to the band and the Bennington family. :heart::heart::metal:t4:


You’re right. I like to see them move on, but it’s better to respect, as you said. Yeah as a fan, what we should do is respect as long as it’s not morally wrong.