From fight to love: The Flow Thread

Nehhhhh, she wants chaos :joy::joy:
She got in trouble by me :triumph:

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now I’m lost …

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I tend to lose people :neutral_face:
I’ll be quiet :joy:
I can’t imagine she actually got in trouble :sweat_smile:


I’m guessing she received a certain amount of flags on her posts so that the system sent an automated warning to her.

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Since the post isn’t taken down and the thread wasn’t closed- it can’t have been so much flags- we will never know- and my only wish is to move on now and that everybody really considers before flagging whatever…

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You’re one to talk :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
We should all flag the crap outta you :face_with_raised_eyebrow::joy:


Lol :joy: BAAAAAT :crazy_face:


watch what you say chief

you don’t have your WA immunity on here… :smiling_imp:

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Bring it wimp, whatcha gonna do? You’ll go poof before you can even say oof

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imma flag every single one of ur stupid little posts on here :smiling_imp:

then imma call my boi mike and get him to block ur ass from this website

then imma call the boi trump and see what he thinks about our WA conversations… :sunglasses:

Lmao don’t go regretting crossing a line here :wink:
Far as I know you’re no Ben Carson to him lmao
Mike don’t show up anywhere near here and flangers get checked just as much lol so don’t go getting banned for inappropriate flagging :upside_down_face:

chief. i am the forum

Wow, what’s happening here? :eyes: People, make love, not war :peace_symbol:

Welcome @Daisy2000 and may you feel good in this community despite of this initial misunderstanding. We’re not your enemies nor we’re competing with each other who’s the “better” fan, we’re friends. And let’s make it stay that way, all of us, please. But we also keep this place running. I’m sure that when you’ll get to know us better, in time, you’ll love this place just as much as I do :heart: :heart_eyes:

This is a very sad topic title, but I think we all need to face it sooner or later. They either will be continuing their work, or what I see as more probable at this point, Mike definitely will go solo.


Just…just…go :expressionless::expressionless::expressionless:

@mish3lka but…it’s so fuuuun to be dorks :sweat_smile:
It a war of love :crazy_face: it’s like…like when close family members spend too much time together and start being dummies but still care for each other in secret :stuck_out_tongue:
But well said and agree :sweat_smile::blush:


Well I get that but many newbies obviously don’t so be careful towards them, we don’t want to chase them away :smile:


Mare @intheend :cry: you got me in trouble with mother soldier :cry::joy::joy:
On thatttttttt note?!?!?! You haven’t given us updateeees on little lauuuuuraaaaa :scream: she swhat will bring peace in here :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


Hey @mish3lka :hugs::yellow_heart::hugs::hugs::heavy_heart_exclamation: Nice you show up :blush: how is Laura? And nice that you try to even the “misunderstanding” and be the advocate for the newbies… but I think someone kicking in like this one did has to deal with the reactions this behavior causes and that peeps here step back and just wonder- especially if there is not the slightest try to get it worked out…


Oh wow!!! Look at all this mess!!! Too bad it’s not the fb to report to fb!!!
If someone feels superior fan, let them be… Just because they feel it, doesn’t mean they are…
And for the guilt trip of the day: to those who feel superior fans/forum posters and blah blah congrats for making Chester proud!


Heeey dear - :tada::hugs::hugs::heart: we woke you up? :joy::joy:

Well it’s almost a year, 19.6. is her birthday :slight_smile: Sending some photos of the little soldier :blush:

IMG_9356 20190606_194112