Frequency festival 2015 Austria

Hey, who all are going to the Frequency festival in Austria to see LP live ?

I see that LP is the headliner at the festival. I was wondering - Are LP performances at such music festivals shorter than the ones at their regular tour concerts ?

Usually it is a shortened set but that depends on the festival and how much stage time the guys will get.

… and they’ve usually been able to play their full sets at European Festivals recently.

I’m still thinking about buying tickets for the Frequency … but I think this will only happen if they put Enter Shikari in the slot right before LP. THIS would be a dream :flushed: :smiley:

for me it wud b a dream if i manage to get in the front row when LP is playing…dunno if it will happen. this will b first ever LP concert

The event listing on the official website says linkin park is playin at frequency festival austria on 21.08 and 22.08

does that mean they will play on both days or is it some mistake ?

The frequency website states that LP plays on 22.08. Which one is it ?? Which ticket should I buy ? Advice pls

I’m going to Frequency as well. :slight_smile:
I really hope they will play full sets at the festivals in August (especially at Pukkelpop!).

hi…but aren’t Frequency and Pukkelpop scheduled exactly on the same dates i.e. from 20.08 to 22.08 ?
I guess i will just get the ticket for all three days at frequency and catch the LP performance :wink:

Hi, I’m going aswell :slight_smile: and don’t worry, they usually play the whole set at summer festivals. I’ve seen them at summer festivals already twice before :slight_smile:

I’m flying to Austria on the 21th, the day after I see LP at Pukkelpop. No way I’m missing LP in Belgium haha. :slight_smile:

:flushed: wow ! lucky u… c u at the frequency LP meetup maybe. :sunglasses:

12 more days, I can’t wait! Hope we all get the M&G pass :slight_smile: See you all there!

When do you guys think they will announce or send out the M&G passes to winners ?

in 4 days the contest will end so after that :slight_smile: just wait a little more :wink:

I keep checking my emails to see maybe I got some good news ! The wait kills… :slight_smile:

it does yeah :slight_smile:

I will be there, too!

And I have one ticket for August 22nd left. Is anyone interested?

man i just realized i will have to sit thru entire kendrick lamar performance to make sure i am still in the front row while LP plays

…any strategies to be in the front row for LP ? Pls share…i am all ears…:+1:t2:

Kendrick is awesome, you’re lucky you get to see him live. As for the front row, just get there super early and be prepared to run.

oh cool…then i will check lamars tracks before going. Unfortunately the only track i heard was by lonely islands featuring kendrick :smiley:

Guess I will just run like crazy towards the stage. :

Just keep in mind that if you go to the m&g you will miss the performances of artirts playing prior to LP and the front row. Good luck though! :wink: