Fort Minor London Scala - September 8th

All sounds good to me! Sounds like we will all be there around the same time too. Did you make the group gabby?

hey guys i bought tickets so didn’t get a M+G but would love to meet up with ya’ll :slight_smile: 07791387210 … probably get to Kings cross around 6… can’t wait!! yay!

Hey! Do you guys only meet as friends or do you also take foreigners to your group? :slight_smile:
I’m from Czech Republic so I have no idea how everything works there and I’d love to have some guides :slight_smile:

Hi Everyone! :smile: I am also attending on Tuesday and was fortunate to win a meet and greet, what’s the likelihood of the M&G being early evening? I have work that day and forget to book it off and now I am worried in case the M&G is early afternoon… I know we won’t find out until on the day but thought I would ask in case anyone had any insight into what normally happens…

Hope to see you all there :slight_smile:

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Hey, no problem be good to meet as many people as possible… are you on whatsapp?

@AlekshiaID everyone and anyone is welcome, None of us in this chat have actually met up but we are planning to meet for the Fort Minor concert on the 8th, Are you going to be attending too?

A whatapp group has been set up now, so we can all arrangement meeting either before meet and greet or before the show, let us know if you want to be added in or if I have forgotten anyone …

Yes, I’m going to be attending too!
And I do have whatsapp but I’m not sure whether I’ll be able to connect to internet since I am not from UK and to connect to internet using data is really expensive abroad, hopefully there’s some wifi available at King’s Cross station. Or somewhere on the way.

If you cannot connect to internet feel free to text, most of our numbers are above :blush:

Alright, but I guess most of you is going to M&G, right?
I didn’t win so I’ll probably arrive to King’s Cross around 6pm. Is anybody going to be there?

I’m getting whatsapp right now as i type :slight_smile: could i be added please…i will see you guys there

Alright guys so my number is (+420)739963302 so you can add me to your whatsapp group :slight_smile: . Hopefully I’ll somehow find you at King’s Cross :slight_smile:
I’m already so excited to see Fort Minor live!

Hey guys - I’ve been accepted into the M&G, but still no e-mail confirming the time? Has nobody got it or am I missing out?

I haven’t received any news yet :slight_smile:

M&G email in :slight_smile:

AlelshialD - we couldn’t add your number, give one of us a ring if you want to meet!

So you guys have a meet up at 6pm at King’s Cross?

We’re at Starbucks next to the venue right now! Give me a ring 07513448821

I’m probably not gonna make it at 6pm, hopefully I’ll be there at 6:30 or by 7pm. I just arrived to my hotel and I’m getting ready now. I just need somebody to show me where is the Box Office at Scala where can I collect my ticket :slight_smile:

So I wanted to write a little update on the orginal FM London Scala post. As you can see above most of us were single ticket holders and had planned to meet up before the show. We had all been chatting prior to the show and as most of us had won the meet & greet we decided to do something special for Mike. We decided on a flag and we all wrote something personal on it. If you were at the show you would of seen that Lorenzo put our flag up on Mikes set! this made us incredibly proud… Thank you so much!!. I can honestly say this was the best day of my life, not only for the m&g and finally seeing FM in concert and on the front row but also because I have made 9 amazing friends!. We’ve spoke everyday since and planning on future meet ups and concerts. So yeah I just wanna say a big BIG thank you to Mike, Lorenzo and LPU for making this the best day ever, one I will never ever forget <3