For the petrolheads

The title is pretty self explanatory. If there are any car fans here, this thread is here for you. Discuss anything car related here. It can be engineering related or just waffling on about your fav car.

I’ll set the ball rolling…

What is your fav engine aspiration?

Personally I’d go for a naturally aspirated engine mainly to eliminate turbo lag. I also seem to see NA engines as more ‘pure’ in a sense as TCs and SCs are kind of cheating, especially in supercars. Perfect case in point: The Bugatti Veyron; uses 4 turbos and only manages 253 mph yet the NA Mclaren F1 hits 243 MPH. The Veyron has 4 more turbos, 4 more cylinders and about 2 more liters oh and about 400 BHP more. And yet it only manages 10 mph more. Granted it has about 800-900kg more weight but that’s not the point.

For those that aren’t familiar with cars but are curious and want to find out more check out the link. All of the playlists are ordered so that you’ll learn everything in the correct order. Engineering Explained - YouTube And no, the videos are not mine.

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Forget the technicalities, just enjoy these beauties:

It’s exactly the aspiration of the P1 that makes my skin crawl. They tried to kill the turbo lag with the motors but if only they had a big NA engine they wouldn’t have had to use motors. Granted that the engineering is spectacular and they did it more for the sake of saying ‘hey look we did this first’ but I don’t think it’s worth sacrificing a flagship car.

I love this thing. It’s actually a Mk 2 Viper with a coach-built body.

OT: YES! I can finally post pics again

In a race, it’s a big thing to be the first. I don’t think that the model was sacrificed. I would rather say it took a mendable dent hehehehe

Just for laughs:

I prefer British engineering. The British have the widest range of car makers. Also the F1 was (and still is) a right beast. The prototype did a 7:11:00 around the Nurburgring (to put that into perspective: )

And the F1 GTR short tail won LeMans on its debut. The only manufacturer to do that to date. And it was a hastily modified road car (they hadn’t planned to enter the race) going up against purpose built monsters. They actually had to reduce the power by 27bhp and add a load of weight.

All of this is even more spectacular when you realize that the car was never designed to be a track monster but a long distance mile muncher.

Don’t know much about cars. I do think a porsche 911 looks rather spiffy and used to play alot of Need for Speed Most Wanted. Does that count a lil? :stuck_out_tongue:

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Let me just say that I prefer exotic cars over everything else, but I do appreciate some muscle cars (i.e Dodge).

In love with Alfa Romeo cars, MiTo being my most favorite as of right now.
More exciting stuff include Corvettes, Bugattis, Laborghinis, Ferraris etc.

I’ll probably post some pics tomorrow.

What do you guys think are the best sounding cars out there?

Sound? only a bass tuned bbrummmbrummmbrummm lol :joy:

I drive a ´lil car, the big car in our family belongs to my man, not so clear, we´re putting all our money together for a long time, so mine is his and his is mine, take sm pics and try @evooba s way to enter the forums with my phone…then I can show
(ot btw, when to put then and than in engl?)

Hmmm… Alfa Romeo 4C, Ferrari 512 and maybe the Lamborghini Gallardo. I’ve heard people say that Porsche has some pretty cool sounding cars too.

Ot Right now outside

My Car

My mans one

My family owns a Mk3 Citroen C5. You’d have to be thick to buy this car if you’re buying it for something other than comfort.

can you tell me the brand of my car?

The white one? Toyota. But I’ve no idea the type of your car. I’ve toyota too, Toyota Fortuner. And its name is The Catalyst.

Could be, would be really nice hi @Edja_Hanafiah but it´s only a lil but fast 60PS Toyota Aygo lol, nice to meet ya here! lol :grinning: but: have to leave for work now, cya next time mb longer

OT nice day for all, keep the stresslevel down…

The white one is a Toyota (either an Aygo or a Yaris) your husband’s is a Mk6 Golf with aftermarket wheels.

Lol, I was right (and I didn’t see this post until I scrolled down)

Before my family got our current car we had a Mk2 C5 (and a Mk1 before that lol), the Mk2 had clutch issues and we had to replace it 3 times in one month, however the third time to the mechanics’ was it’s last as that’s where it died. It was on one of those big 4 post jacks that raise the car to about 2m and one of the sides broke and the car just dropped. The guy was working on it not 30 secs before, he’d just gone to get something when the car dropped. Had he been there he would have been killed by 1.5 tons worth of French crapness.

The front left wheel snapped right off and the rear bumper got torn off. Luckily the garage was really narrow. Had it been wide and the car would have flipped right over.

Oh wow :confused: I hope they paid you for that.

We got the car for £3k second hand, my dad was so fed up with the thing going wrong that he just asked for half of the money back and that was it. It’s a good thing the guy wasn’t crushed he looked to be relatively young and had a family.

Better than nothing I guess.

lol sry but the pic is too much inviting to, lol
Edit: with the good knowing ab my mans car, you are a confirmed EXPERT and soo very right on your way, Is it in your mind to, hmmmm, mb contruct cars for F1? @the_termin8r1

ot found the snap MS linked us to, but who knows what his part in his whole case is, I can´t hear him…??