First song by Lp


Which was the first song you heard by Linkin Park. Mine was She Couldn’t or Castle of Glass.

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Probably ‘In the End’

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So that’s the song that started the magic? :grinning:

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Seems so

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Crawling :slight_smile: Been in love with them ever since :slight_smile:




Yeah, I remember laying in bed and listening to that song at night


Me too, later when I got the CD from my father :slight_smile:
In the meantime I probably watched the music video every single time they played it on Viva TV :rofl:

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Ahahha cool…with most of their songs I have nice memories

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For me it was

Burn it down

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I never listened to music as a kid. That is to say, I heard songs on like the radio that I did enjoy, but nothing that made me actively look up music or listen to it on own initiative. I remember I was playing over at a friend’s house when I was either just barely still 12 or had just turned 13, and he had a playlist going and there was one that got stuck in my head after. Next time I saw him I asked ‘what was that song?’

TL;DR: In the End.

After that I still didn’t look into LP. Several weeks or even months later I watched a video that had Faint playing over the imagery, and I was like ‘oh it’s them again’. Fast forward another few weeks or months and there was a different video entirely that had No Roads Left on it. Then I was on some forum and it had a thread about what music people liked, and I was like ‘I’m actually sorta listening to music now’ so I posted the three songs and then someone was like ‘Oh you like Linkin Park?’ and recommended Numb.

After that I started looking up other LP songs (first Breaking the Habit, then One Step Closer, Shadow of the Day, Somewhere I Belong, Crawling, and it went on and on). LP literally got me into music in general, and as you can see my first songs were from all 3 of their albums at the time so I was immediately exposed to the wide range of their music.

I didn’t need to type all of that but what the hell, I normally don’t have anyone to talk to about this kind of stuff so gotta let it out somewhere xD


Somewhere I belong :black_heart:

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Same for me

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Crawling…January 2001. On my parents old PC. Never really cared for or thought much of music until I heard that song. It was the first time that upon hearing a single song, I sought out the other tracks from the album. Each song was somehow better than the one before it. I was hooked…


LOATR (Live) :heart:

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It’s okay, you can talk here

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me too - May 2001 :heart_eyes: still my #2 song after breaking the habit and also got it tattooed


Mine was waiting for the end. And I still love it.


New Divide :heart_eyes: I was like 9 years old and had no idea what LP is, but I’ve loved the song since then :grin:

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