First song by Lp


Probably in the end. I was like 9/10 years old, but i loved it.


In the End and and everytime I saw this video I was so flashed. I was late with music , I enjoyed radio songs and thats it. But later I found some bands I fell in love with also Linkin Park. They ment more to me than I ever knew.


Same, I started listening to them as a teenager and bearly knew their songs but one day something happened and I started listening more of their songs and I started liking them even more

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Honestly had to be ‘Papercut’. My Mom and Dad got me into them when I was super little.


Mine was One Step Closer, magic moment hearing that for the first time :grinning::sunglasses:


mine was a combination of crawling and in the end that alternated in Mtv at the time.
when Meteora came out, life changed and redirected to its best! :slight_smile:

Btw, at a concert of 2009 i was annoyed by both the new style and the new fans.
it all felt more “mellow”

and then… this happened… i will never forget the moment where i took the new fans seriously and trusted the new direction of LP who did not disappoint with their latest albums.
i was always a step behind in their vision!
and this moment was a spark back UP!
Chester’s performance blew my clouds away!


In The End. I saw it on MTV and thought it was cool but didn’t really pay much attention. Also heard Numb and Somewhere I Belong, but it was only when I picked up the Minutes to Midnight album when the obsession began :rofl: