First Meet and Greet

So I know I didn’t win a meet and greet yet but this is my first year in LPU but I’ve been a fan forever and I can’t believe I didn’t join til now…

Just the thought of meeting the guys and shaking their hand… I am nervous at the thought!

When I was a tween/teenager, the only thing I was really into was Debbie Gibson and Beverly Hills 90210 but I was too young to be into meeting celebrities and going for autograph signings!

Then in High School, I went through some really hard times and didn’t have much interest in much. I wish Linkin Park was around when I was in high school… so what I’m trying to say is that I feel silly for being so nervous about meeting the people who have had a huge impact on my life! I feel like a teeny bopper at a justin bieber concert or something. Not that I’m gonna shriek when I meet them, but I feel kinda weird at my age to be so nervous about meeting such a close group of friends that were lucky enough to have a successful band!

I am really hoping that I get to meet the guys once in my life. I wish I didn’t hold out on joining LPU because I could’ve at least had a guaranteed meet and greet but what can you do right?

SO EXCITED I had to write about it!!!

Don’t worry, everyone’s nervous! The night before my first M&G I hardly slept and thought I was going to be sick, I was freaking out so much. When I got there, though, the LPU staff was so nice and did a great job of keeping everyone excited but not too nervous. They’re really friendly! Try to remember that they’re just people, and have some questions ahead of time to ask. Otherwise you’ll end up like me talking about the weather :wink: Just try to relax and have fun, they’ve seen plenty of fans over the years and realize that you’re probably nervous. They’re not gonna judge you if you get a little flustered. :slight_smile:
Hope you win a M&G!

I feel the same way! It would be amazing if I could meet the band!
I also signed up for the meet and greet at Tinley Park!!
I hope we get it!!

I’M in the same Boat i can’t sleep lol

Thanks Audrey! I hope you both get a meet and greet too! How many times have you met them Audrey?

I just feel like I would freeze!

Who’s your favorite band member? I am so excited to meet all of them but especially mike Chester and Phoenix. The other guys seem shy or like intimidated by all their fans haha!

It would be so nice to meet all the LPU members at Tinley park Erika!

If I feel this way now 4 months before i even know if I get in, how am I gonna be the day I get the email or even going to the back to meet them?!?! They have been there for me like a friend has and have so much meaning to my husband and me who is also my best friend.

That’s awesome, which concert are you goIng to and did u already get something from them that you get a chance to meet them?

trust me you aint the only one that’s nervous i just signed up for the underground 2 weeks ago so i can get the meet and greet from what i heard there amazing guys and chester is my favorite singer of all time if i get the chance ima be the most nervous guy on the planet wish u luck

Anyone know roughly how many people they choose for M&G’s at each venue?

I’ve met them once, last February on the ATS tour. It was my first LP concert, too! I feel so, so lucky. It was a really cool experience, although pretty short. Sometimes they do M&G’s different ways, though, so who knows!
If you can’t think of anything to say, you can always just introduce yourself and where you’re from, then ask them how they’re doing that day. I basically just chatted with Mike and Phoenix about the fact that it was a blizzard, said hi to Brad, Joe, and Rob (I was still kicking myself for talking about the weather lol), and asked Chester what his favorite color was (I’d promised my friend… it’s a long story). It wasn’t any major conversation, but it was still fun! Don’t worry too much about what to say.

[quote=Janet Christman]That’s awesome, which concert are you goIng to and did u already get something from them that you get a chance to meet them?

Oh no not yet! It’s just I’m so excited I wanted to post about it and it’s comforting to know I’m not alone! If I feel like this now without even knowing for sure yet, how will I actually feel when I find out? Another difficult decision that needs to be made is that my husband and I are both hardcore fans together and always have been. We fell even more in love when we discovered we both has hybrid theory CDs when we moved in together lol! Well the dilemma is that we both signed up for the meet and greets but he knows that I want to meet them more. He said that he won’t go unless we both get one and I don’t know if I could do the same =o/ sounds selfish but at the same time he said that he would give me his meet and greet if he could =o)

Oh and I’m going here in Chicago! Maybe also Indy but originally was hoping to travel to Vegas/la for our anniversary trip but we might wait Til their album tour!

somewhere between like 50-100, it can vary a lot!

I think that would be a tie with my husband! I told him “you better not cry when you meet them!” and he said “oh I will!” I’m nervous but wow! Lol!

Audrey, I just read your blogs! You are so very lucky and what a great first concert and experience together! Oh and the phone call too! Wow just wow! I am green with envy!

How sweet! I would be pretty excited also!

[quote=Janet Christman]How sweet! I would be pretty excited also!

Yes he’s very sweet! He caught me a drumstick and water bottle from rob and mike last year!

Glad someone read my blogs, hahhaha they took forever to write :slight_smile: I can’t say enough how blessed I feel. Part of the reason I signed up for the LPU Roadie for a Day thing is because I’ve had such amazing LPU experiences and I want to get the word out to more fans so they can have a chance too!

Shut up! Ur hubby cAught them for you, NICE!!!

[quote=LiLJanet]Shut up! Ur hubby cAught them for you, NICE!!!

Yeah and you literally have like 5 hands on one item so it was fighting for the items. I was right in front of where Phoenix stands and I swear we made eye contact several times! He threw me his sweatband but the girl by me grabbed it first =o( I’m gonna get it on of these days hahaha.

And Audrey yeah being a roadie would be fun but I don’t hav any experiences yet . Maybe for the next leg of the tour cuz so far this has been amazing!

If you win a meet and greet do you get to bring a friend in with you because i’ll feel bad if I win one and can’t even bring my driver in with me lol