Finally an lpu member! dying to know all of you!


Thanks! So excited to be here :slight_smile: my I don’t have any linkin park loving buddies in real life lol :frowning:


LPTV? Not sure, normally you should be able to access it, even without logging in as LPU member…
For LPU chat you probably have to log in first… What does it say?


I know the problem… With LPU you’ll finally have people to talk to about LP and meet at shows. :slight_smile:

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thankyou :blush:


Thankyou…I am logged in but "select a membership’’ page always appears. :worried:


In that case you better report it at They’ll know how to fix it.

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thanks :slight_smile: lemme try :smiley:


I am from Delhi. Where do you live?
Your welcome gift has been delivered to you already by @lp13413. Thanks mate :smile:


lol @amitrish :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: very funny!! the cookie was yummy :sweat_smile: i live in delhi too :smiley:



I’m also new here but have no idea about all the functions and that stuff :smiley:


:heart_eyes: same situation here. still exploring :stuck_out_tongue:

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me too! :smiley:
my nicki minaj loving friends don’t really share my passion, it’s tough :smiley:


This is my first year also :). I am 25 from Pennsylvania. I have been a Linkin Park fan since I was about 11. They are my all time favorite I love seeing them every time they come here. They definitely got me through the hard points in my life. Can’t wait to connect with more fans.


Hi! I joined today also and I think you must be doing better then me at this whole thing! How were you able to upload ur pic?! Lol I’ve been trying all day! Anyway, I feel I’m much older then most of the people here, im 41, been a fan since 1998. I’m from Pa and seeing them live is on my bucket list…I’m determined to cross that off my list by the end of this year!


Hi there :). I just joined the Lpu but I had an account on linkin parks website so the picture has been here awhile. Pretty sure if you hit account on outside of the Lpu stuff you should be able to click your icon and change it. Let me know if that helps.


I can’t figure it out now either lol. I will try on my desktop tomorrow. Maybe the mobile is screwy.


I’ve been trying with mobile it hasn’t worked, I’ll have to try desktop I guess. Thanks!


No problem hope we figure it out lol


Hi guys
Although I am still learning a lot myself, A point to not is there are a number of “restrictions” placed on New Members which ultimately means certain functions won’t work. This I believe, includes loading pictures…
Once you have been “social” and gained required number of friends, then your status changes and you get to do more things