Favorite song of Fort Minor?

Where’d You Go, Believe Me, Petrified, High Road, Remember The Name, and Welcome of course…

Kenji, Remember the Name and Welcome

slip out the back - the best and mabye the darkest lyrics

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@TripleXero Thanks for sharing the FM Militia album! I looked all over the internet for that a while back with no luck.

My favorites are Kenji, Petrified, Remember the Name, and Welcome.

I particularly liked the emotion that comes through in Kenji. It’s a very powerful song.

It is yeah. Means a lot to Mike so he had to do it justice. It’s pretty amazing live too from what I’ve seen!

I’m currently listening to the Militia EP and its awesome. I love Tools of the Trade and Strange Things. Also its cool to listen to the extended interviews for Kenji.

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Right Now is my favorite, but Kenji and Petrified come pretty close too.

remember the name
there they go

I’ve always liked that one. I always loved cigarette, the instrumental, slip out the back, there they go, and fade to black, the hard way, it’s been a while since I had listen to the CD

Petrified & In Stereo :wink:

Armed and dangerous bitch
You really can’t hang with us and this
You’re so afraid of us, shit
You make me wanna hang it up and quit
Forget all the things you said before
We 'bout kicking down your door
Everybody’s gonna hit the fucking floor
Like “Mike, don’t hurt me anymore.”

I love the flow of There They Go


If I have to choose one, I’m going to say There They Go.

Can’t wait for the new album, Welcome is a very good first single!

There’s not going to be a new album.

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Remember the name or kenji

My favourite is Believe me. I just like the best and the whole song.
And of course welcome

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Where’d you go

I’d have to say welcome is a favorite :smiley:

Welcome and Kenji

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Slip Out the Back!

My fav has changed to Tools of the trade.