Favorite song of Fort Minor?

It is a question that is eating my mind!

Spraypaint & Inkpens

“Welcome” I guess. First of all, because of this song we might be at the beginning of new FM era that will lead us to new FM album. I know, I know, Mike said he is not planning to make a new record, but I’m allowed to dream, right? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Secondly this song led Mike to the decision to play an entire FM show in London, that I’m very much looking forward to. Well, and the third and most obvious reason - it’s new, so it hasn’t been played a million times (yet!) on my iphone like the rest of the songs did.)

That’s a hard one. I have so many favorites!

We Major: Bloc Party, Be Somebody, 100 Degrees, Dolla
The Rising Tied: Petrified, Where’d You Go, Slip Out The Back, Right Now, Cigarettes…
And of course Welcome. I love it so much, but like Kristina said, it’s still new and fresh so I give it a little extra love.

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Remember the name and Welcome c:

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I still need to listen to WM.

My favs: Right now, Petrified, Where’d you go, Slip out the back, The hard way, Kenji.

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Kenji, Petrified, Where’d You Go.

I don’t like Welcome instead :confused:

Currently listening to We Major and what an idiot I’ve been for not listening to it all this time.

Ahh haha! Isn’t it epic? I love it because it’s so raw and has some pretty dope verses.

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Yeah, not at all what I expected, I thought it was going to be like reanimation.

Nah, it’s basically the songs that didn’t make the cut for The Rising Tied.

Yeah, I realized as I went through them.

We Major is awesome, but I wish they had released more of the untouched songs (like how some have added parts to them for the mixtape). Spraypaint & Inkpens for example was one that did get a release outside of WM and it sounds a bit better

WM Version: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BRd5GDpWt9c
Normal Version: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CwJuY8D_Q5M

ALSO! If you can’t get enough Fort Minor and you haven’t heard this yet, it’s the Fort Minor Militia: http://lplive.net/cache/Fort_Minor-Militia_Exclusives-WEB-2006-LPL.zip

It’s pretty much like the Fort Minor eqivalent of LP Underground CDs, except it was released online only to the people who had a membership to the FM fanclub (that only lasted a year), and then it was eventually hosted on another site officially since it went down, then to LPLive when that site went down (this isn’t me posting pirated music, is basically what I’m saying, it’s ok to download)


I’m going to listen to that tomorrow.

Totally forgot about that one. My favorites include Tools Of The Trade (Mike’s a genius), Do What We Did, Strange Things and Start It All Up.

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Believe me i cant stop singing that song!

Most underrated of his songs ever.


That’s not a FM song though. It is SOB’s. Mike is just featured in it.


Yeah, it was from Transformers 1 when they introduced Bumblebee

Oh wow. I didn’t know it was in the movie. I had it from the Razor Tag Mixtape (it was released mid 2007) so I guess the movie came after that? lol I’m not good with movie soundtracks at all.