Favorite music video?


what’s your favorite LP music video and why?

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my favorite video is “The Catalyst” because it goes perfectly with the song and is really well made. It really adds to the surreal experience of listening to the song.


I think we might have had another thread like this that I’ve posted in, but my favorite is probably Breaking the Habit because of how unique it is compared to all of Linkin Park’s other music videos

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My favorite video is " The Catalyst " and " Until It’s Gone ".

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Just for the beauty of the video & the strong message it delivers:


i totally agree with you :grin:


I personally love Bleed it Out, the song is fun to listen and the video is fun to watch.

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Until Its Gone (great lyrics, powerfull) & Waiting For The End ( soooooo shiny) :wink:


all are nice


I like LOATR, Final Masquerade, Waiting For The End, Castle Of Glass, Lost In The Echo, and many more…


It has to be Breaking the Habit

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My choice would be numb

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OMG soooo hard :confounded: . For me it’s between Breaking the Habit and Numb. If I go by the time spent to complete a video, the animation and creativity involved and as well as storyline then its Breaking the Habit! :kissing_smiling_eyes: I mean the title alone just touched me :neutral_face: Lyrics are just on point and a true eye opener with what I was feeling in that point in time.


I know right urgh it was hard to chose between that and Breaking the Habit :joy:


I think i’m gonna choose Papercut cause it’s so weird :smile: I love that!

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Im not really sure… Numb is one of my favourite music videos from LP, but I REALLY REALLY LOVE Lost in the echo, Papercut and Castle of glass :heart:

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About videos I’m not sure. I really like the Welcome video (even though I can’t really watch it in 360 bc my phone is too… bad, it just doesn’t do it). When it comes to LP I really like the Final Masquerade Video, but it is non offical: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x81vKd6mYfU
But I think it is my favorite of the videos non the less. It is of a film I like a lot (I don’t like a lot of films).
Otherwise I often prefer to watch the live performances.

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from the inside


From the inside and Numb and Crawling… bcs of the story :blush: I like when a video tell you an interesting story


SIB and WFTE were great, LITE is my most favor though, so unique and clever.