Favorite music video?

Gotta be Somewhere I belong :heart:

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Now that I think about it, I just have the one… Guess >:3

No -.- Not that one

Breaking the habit :blush:

The Catalyst. The video is so dark, and The Catalyst is also my favorite LP song.

Faint, numb, crawling, one step closer… I think I like something about all of them. The ones I mentioned were not in any order.

Papercut with Mike trying to scare me and ‘paranoia’ happening to Rob

the first song I heard from LP :heart_eyes:

Linkin Park From Thr Inside

I’ve always liked the video for Somewhere I Belong. That might be my favorite. But I also love the videos for Burning in the Skies, Final Masquerade, What I’ve Done, Leave Out All The Rest, Waiting for the End, and Castle of Glass.

  1. Heavy / Iridescent / One More Light
  2. Waiting For The End / Final Masquerade
  3. Numb / What I’ve Done
  4. Until It’s Gone

Heavy, What I’ve Done, İn The End, Somewhere I Belong, One Step Closer, Talking To Myself, From The İnside

Hard to choose… But I would say Heavy

Final Masquerade. I love the aesthetic quality