Do you have a song as a ringtone? Which one?


Numb/encore :smiley:


Haha great! It is a good sound as a ringtone (:


oh i have a lot of ringtones. haha. hahaha. hahahahaha.
ok, lets go through the list… for unknown callers my ringtone is:
for my mom my ringtone is:
for my dad its:
for my two sisters and younger brother its:
for my older brother:
andddd for my grandma its:

crazy isn’t it?

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I love LP ringtones. I hav bleed it out on my cell fone xxxx. Even got my fone case of linkin park too . Even more . A. Getting linkin park tattoo.


whoa! “brother” was really good. I had not heard that before. The purpose of the post is getting solved :smile:


i had the part of lgm for a ringtone for a long time, i had to change it because it kept scaring me whenever someone would call…


yeah ‘brother’ and another song by the guy ‘made of stone’ are really good :3


Nobody’s Listening. My kids love jamming to it when it rings.


my ringtone is Papercut :slight_smile:


Mine is Keys To The Kingdom atm, sometimes switch 2 All For Nothing :slight_smile:


I have Keys To The Kingdom, it’s my favourite song from The Hunting Party


Mine is “Broken Foot”…I just love the first sound of it


@NatVonD made me revisit the track. Thanks! i remember someone using “Sold My Soul To Yo Mama” from LPU4 using it as his RT.


Castle of Glass :yum:

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Mine’s No Roads Left :smile:


Mine is the “Rebellion” screaming section.


OH MY GOD I LOVE THAT SONG TOO!!! It’s my favorite song of all time!


For my text tone, I have Jared Leto from scream CHIMICHANGA followed by the riff of “Conquistador” from 30stm


The beginning of When They Come For Me. Definitely gets attention and I certainly know it’s mine! :smirk:


I’ll Be Gone (Schoolboy Remix) from Recharged.
Love that tune, I feel it too much adequate for a ringtone or an alarm.