Do you have a song as a ringtone? Which one?


Give us a chance to see what you like. Post a link to the song, if possible :slight_smile:


Warmness of the Soul by A7X


30stm closer to the edge :smiley:

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Rise Against- Prayer Of The Refugee

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Ha-ha, it’s just “Breaking The Habit” for me =3


I made a few ringtones from the Hybrid Theory and Meteora instrumentals. I’m using Pushing Me Away right now


breaking the habit :blush:

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White Noise from the Mall Soundtrack


Session from meteora


foreword hahahahahaha

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The end of “All For Nothing” with the ‘heavy shit’ :smiley:


I have several LP ringtones for different people. My main one is One Step Closer, I also wake up to that too and Keys To The Kingdom


A long time ago I used to use foreword for text ringtones, too. I only used the very end of it. I remember my phone accidentally went off in class with that on and no one knew it was a phone because it sounded like something broke


Long time Nobody’s Listening was my ringtone, before that “Changed the way you kissed me” by Example. Now it’s Foot Patrol, I love the different beginning :slight_smile:


Currently - Figure.09 :smiley:


All for nothing and crawling. I love those two songs :smiley:


I used to have in the end, but now it’s a regular one…


Until its gone momentan -


One of my favourites of 30 stm… The Kill :slight_smile:

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Black Stone Cherry - Blame it on the Boom Boom :smiley: