DEAD BY SUNRISE - a discussion

Hey guys,
help me out - all I get presented by media is a slight disrespect about Chazzles Solo-Project DBS

I will honour it at last inhere, like we are the lpu

my first thoughts:
kinda dark, kinda mhhhh, as I mentioned before: kinda powerless

join in, share YA point of view… not that you guess I feel like: powerless is bad or weak or sth likw this, it is just meant as description, what I sense from this songs… made of ashes

Yo guys, what do you think? SHARE INHERE FIRST!


It’s soo strange for me to hear Chester not in LP. Even after a few month of listening to DBS( smth about 8-9 month)

ahhh ok call me dumb, but it just passes by… :stuck_out_tongue: the strangeness to me is not like Chester with others, but like : what will he express?

btw @NickGr ya seem to know a lot of this data stuff?! like it, I can learn a lot! :slight_smile:

I don’t seem to know DBS as good as LP. I remember Chezz saying, that DBS will release an album in a few years ob a presentation of Out Of Ashes

who are the other musicians?

I know their names transliterated to Russian, but I dunno if i translate them back into English correctly, lol
anyways: Ameer Dirack, Ryan Shack, Brandon Belski, Alias Andra , Antony Walkich and, of course, CB ( sry for non-replying, had to do my chemistry brainstorming homework)

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everything finr :slight_smile: @NickGr did you had a olymiade test today?

yup, on History, Actually, the test itself will be in Friday, today was just the training

Dead by Sunrise actually turned out to be my second favorite band. Of course LP is my first. It is darker in comparison to LP. He was going through divorce and dealing with some pretty dark emotions at that time. The song, “Let Down,” made me cry the first time I heard it. It was how I found out just how much I actually cared about Chester. In the music video you can see the pain in his eyes. I mean you can feel it through the way he sings it and the lyrics too.


I don’t know much about the band member’s personal lives, but I don’t think Chester was going through a divorce at the time, unless some of the songs are pretty old. His current wife was in the Let Down music video

DBS was like, good when it first came out but it didn’t end up growing on me in the end. I haven’t listened to the album in years, it’s not really something I would listen to.

@jFar920 I meant the time that he wrote it

@evooba I’m an Orgy fan too, so that helped me like the band even better.

That makes sense then. You seem like you know more about Chester than me so I’ll just believe you :stuck_out_tongue:

Not a fan of them, nor Julien-K. Ryan pisses the hell out of me.

@jFar920 He said in an interview that it was the hardest one to perform because he wasn’t depressed anymore. I only started to get to know him four months ago, but I have been doing some mad research. Youtube is the best resource since you actually see them talking, so you know the information is right, lol. If you look into Chester’s eyes you can see his pain. Maybe, him and his current wife didn’t get together until after that was made. I don’t know him enough to know about that or the year the video was made. I know they were long time friends before. That is about it. If he talks about it in an interview I don’t mind knowing, but I don’t go looking for stuff. That’s how rumors start.

@evooba Why does it piss you off?

Let Down is an old song and an acustic version of it floats around the internet

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Because he did something I didn’t expect of him that pissed the hell out of me. It doesn’t matter, it’s not DBS related.

@evooba I ran into a lot of rumors about him on the internet, which is why I resorted to YouTube interviews. Even if they are quoted they can still be false. I mean how hard is it to do this, “This and that,” so and so said. Even video recording can be dubbed over, by someone who knows what they are doing. If it is negative more than likely the rumor was started by a hater and it isn’t true.
Sorry, to get off subject, but the time frame is the same.