DEAD BY SUNRISE - a discussion

@acemasters Yes, I had a lot of catching up to do.

I don’t seem to get it. What’s wrong with Ryan?

@lplovebug_Jess @NickGr He’s done some things I don’t agree with, things that drive me insane. That’s all, no need to get into details.


@evooba Ok. No biggie.

I still love Dead By Sunrise and Chester. Actually, I like anything that he sings, screams, moans, or whatever.

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I love DBS, y love chester’s voice, many people tried to put LP, DBS, Fort Minor, THEM! into they favorite sound style, but they have to realize that Chester, Mike, and the others, moves through the time and discover new sounds and by the pass of time they came better and better till became the legend that they are now… so, please, stop to criticize the work that they been doing so far, because its AMAZING!! thats my opinion and my advice… i hope nobody get mad about what i said
Sorry for my english😅


It was interesting to find out how different Chester sounds outside LP. Completely different style! Amazing.