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I just needed to say that reading all these amazing lyrics you guys write just makes me wanna put my thoughts and feelings into words too, but so far I couldn’t write lines that make sense… maybe starting with one line at a time, colaborating, and just watching you guys in your writing process can help me find my own way to express what I feel. But it does feel kinda frustrating having this absurd amount of things in my head non-stop and not knowing how to translate it into words :confused: but that’s okay cause I see myself expressed beautifully in many of the things you guys write, and thank you for that! :blush::heart:


just keep practicing and do it often. You’ll be able to write faster with time. Just do it! lol


Just write everything that comes to your mind, even if it’s just one word, like a brainstorm. When you have the ideas it’s a matter of putting them together in a way that makes sense. I’m not saying it’s easy cause it’s not, but that’s a good way to start.
And don’t push yourself to hard, if what you’re writing is honest you will find it easier than you think (talking form experience), just take your time and remember to write about what’s in your mind and heart


Its important… Once you start half of the thing is done… Well begun is galf done :slight_smile:

This explains better @GioS :smile: Keep practicing…


I will, I will! :sweat_smile:

I’ll try not to…

There’s no better inspiration I guess :blush:

Yeah! I just gotta stop the endless write-erase process and I should be fine :sweat:

Thanks everyone for the kind words of incentive! Means a lot to me, really! :heart:


Glad to help :wink:

You’re welcome! Whenever you have something please share


Ahhh yeah… I’m the most stranger guy of everyone.

After a lot of things happen I’m ready to give you my opinion.

The intro is direct and clear. Nice selection of words.
IDK if it’s me or not, but I see a reference to Invisible and Mike Shinoda’s style.
The last line reminds me to Living Things.

I love those words! God, the first sentence is seem to the way I write my songs.
Once again, perfect selection!

Are you reading some of my stories? Because the last line is so awesome!
I picture you signing that in an aggressive way and spreading energy in a stage.

This reminds me to Good Goodbye, the verse of Mike Shinoda so crude and at the same time so thoughtful when you come and talk to yourself and you think: Am I doing with I said or those just were beautiful words?

This one left me thinking, I mean the connection between this and the others feel so natural… IDK what to say, I have no words for say what this makes me feel. Just: Amazing!

Chester! An adorable way to remind him and his life.

I want to take an airplane and go to your house just to give a hug! I almost cry when I saw the title of my favorite song at the last mixed with a beautiful end. You have a greatest talent.

As a general comment:
Best things come for the most simple thing. I liked so much, your song is giving me some ideas too, I can see it. Will you sing it? I really like to hear you sing your beautiful song.


Thank you for that… I am glad you got a bit of essence of LP too but I really apologize for that… I tried not to plagiarize and make original creation. (This has happened with me once… :pensive: )

No. But I would like to :wink: … Are they on forums?

:grin: :grin: :grin: I am grinning after reading this…

Once again… Same words which I wrote for the 1st quote… I am happy but apologize too …

It’s really great to hear this for any artist… Thank you :slight_smile:

Yes indeed. :blush:

You are welcomed… Don’t worry there will be a day when all of us will meet. (Probably after yrs when I grow up… Lol :sweat_smile: ) :wink:

Aww great friend… :hugs: It isnt a song… It’s a ballad. See there are no verse, chorus, bridge etc. A ballad is a long narrative poem. I would have done that but there are two problems

  • I dont have any instrument to make music neither I get pocket money that I will save some and buy

  • I hate my school for burdening me with work and thus less time. But still I am satisfied with the current pace of creations… Sketches and ballads simultaneously…

No there are people around here with greater talents… :grin: :sweat_smile: hehe…


Don’t apologize! It’s just inspiration, you can use their verses to create your owns.

The majority is in Spanish, but I’ll translate them in English for everyone here. Today I’ll post one of the most enigmatic of all I have and a beautiful history about be creative and humble.

That’s make me happy too.

Your welcome, I’m still trying to find those words :slight_smile:

An event in life though YouTube or any other network?

Ohh God! You have talent! I think it was Jaja, but “Crustacean” doesn’t have choruses too. Before I got my keyboard I write some songs and sang them, so just try to sing whatever :slight_smile:

When the school ends?

All of us have talent. You can check it out: Seven types of intelligence.

Sorry for no quote, but this thing is useless now…

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You are soo good ! :hugs:

Yeah… I am at home today… No school. I will be waiting for that :slight_smile:

Which words :confused:

Ah huh ?? Didnt get you?? :confused:

Oh yeah! I will … You know what I learned OML and battle symphony from youtube. (Guitar) though I dont have guitar… After I buy it I will practice… I can play it…I know the chords now :smile:

I come home at 14:30 IST

Oh lol… Its k. :smile:


I’ll try to quote them.

Like you.

I’ll be working on that.

To describe this:

Live transmission for YouTube or Facebook or similar.

I didn’t know it. That’s amazing! I’m trying to learn Numb in the keyboard.


Do you do that??

Woow!! Great!


I’d like to do it, but I don’t know how.

Thank you!

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You’re better than me right now :laughing:

I have a cheap electric guitar at home but I can only play Metallica - Nothing Else Matters (just a part of it) and Pink Floyd - Wish you were here (I think). My hands are too weak to do this!! And I can’t remember any chords, I forget them every time!

I bought the guitar because I so!!! like the sound. I thought if I’d have a guitar at home, I’ll learn to play it and then I’ll just listen to the perfect sound of it. Haha, what a dream :smiley:

I’m considering a second option - let my future children learn to play the guitar and then I’ll listen to it every day! I already have a plan: one child will play the guitar and the other one will play drums! And I will (with some more practice) play piano :laughing:
(It’s a joke, if anybody didn’t catch the irony :smiley: )


Aww @mishelka3 if you want you can learn it now too! It’s never to late…
Nice dream…family band :laughing: :wink:

Yeah got that :joy:

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That makes two of us (It’s my favorite song)

C’mon you have talent, don’t compare to others, but to yourself

Practice makes the master. If you like it, don’t give up, just keep trying and you’ll get it

@Honey8 How old are you?


Oh wow… I forgot my own dialogue!

Lol 15 … Will be 16 in December…

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Hahaha I was not sure, but I thought you were the one who said that. Apparently I was right hehe

Wow, you’re really young, when I was your age I had no idea what to do with my life, I didn’t even think about it. I used to spend the whole day watching series and animes, reading or playing video games hehe

Lol, I talk as if I was really old and I’m actually only three years older than you haha

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Lol… Consider yourself as same age… There are many teenagers here… 15,16,17,'19…
I also didn’t knew this before… Got to know that later… :slight_smile: :wink:

I thought all are adults and I am the only one …

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You might have been joking but when I was little my dad tried desperately to make me learn how to play-one year I got a little keyboard, next year, an accordion, the next made me sign up for orchestra class in middle school, then got me to try the guitar. He always said he sucked at playing and he wanted me to play him Mexican folk songs when he was older sitting in a rocker lol
I was his biggest musical disappointment. When my brother was born when I was 11 he regained hope but neither of my two brothers show much promise other than guitar hero on video games :joy:
actually guitar is fun but I never play so I don’t have any form of muscle memory on the chords I just remember them and where my fingers go :sweat_smile: