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Hey everyone
This is a thread for my creations
It includes all my written works. Will also be posting some short stories soon. :slight_smile:
I have summarised all my previous ballads…

I am the master of my seas

For some it’s nightmare, for some it’s real
You may fell every word and sentence from here
She was little broken, little puffed up with fear
Didn’t knew how this sinking feeling got near

Call her Ella, real name was Elice
It was fine day and she was home alone
Her parents went to little get-together
And she was talking to a friend on her phone

That time home landline ringed
There was a news that made her mind swing
Her heart beat stopped and mind went black
News- her parents went of a car crash

She ran to healthline as fast she could
Talked to doctors and nurse
They told her parents were in cabin 27A
And apologized that they couldn’t be saved

She cried and wept, there was nothing she could do
Mom’s touching care, the love that was true
Dad’s teachings and paths he showed
Ella recalled everything as she soaked

She had no siblings. This only child
Was inspired by nature in a dark night
Walked on the road out of the health line
The road had different scent that night

It was dark as coal and just moonlight shown
Ella was silent as cold wind soared
It was lone road, no man in sight
Just trees and buzzing insects of night

She trodded a dead leaf as walked on
Stepped back, picked up and frowned
Dead leaf taught her greatest truth
“Nothing’s eternal, its a mortal world
Its a mortal world, everything has time
Everything dies after they sing their rhyme”

Ella gave a sigh and walked on
And saw an owl on the branch
It was beautiful and white as snow
And something made her eyes glow

“What if you’re different? Nothing’s wrong
Love who you are and where you are from
There’s nothing you need to prove others
You are beautifully imperfect & it never bothers”

Ella walked on and came to a place
She stood in in a clearing with moonlight on her face
Felt like she’s standing on the centre stage
Facing outside world, away from her cage
The essence she got was
“The life’s sometimes dark, but light is never dead”

Ella came to a river bend
It was covered with mist and scent
The night lear engraved in her mind
Until she completes her rhyme

She washed her face
Along with disgrace
Stood up brave and said
Audacious’ words ahead

“I shall rise and live my life
Make my own future indeed
Being feisty, I will strive
Yes, I’m the Master of my Seas!”

The Inferior Feeling

Once again I stand alone
With no one of my own
Just a chilled bad breeze
Of cold words the spoke

The words which were false tried
To make me pretend someone else
They were unfamiliar with the truth
That i am a selcouth

They say I am paranoid
And just left me devoid
Led me to silent sinking
With just this empty feeling

I tried to pretend what I am not
But there was nothing that I got
They kept on speaking cold words
Pushing me deep in my fears

And that inferior feeling
Had made itself feel like home
Taking away my strength
Leaving weakness in my soul

So here I am standing alone
Alone just about to faint
Don’t know how to fight for right
With this empty strength

But then something strange happened
The surroundings lighten up…
My instincts told me something fun
“There’s a valley in front, lets go and run!”

Of course no one wants to die
Asking me? Yea i am the same
I wanna live my life my way
Well, don’t want money or fame

Cause I know ain’t not so great
Just being a bit feisty
And I won’t die unless I live
My dream life and make a story

Now I am happy that inferior feeling
Has made it feel like home
Cause that feeling and my past
Give me strength to live alone

I’m proud of what I’ve done
And promised to never look back
It made me who I am
And for this I won’t regret

That regret feeling is worser
It doesn’t teaches us anything
Just gives a luxurious car
And takes you to the pain…never ending.

Life’s cocktail of different feelings
Each feeling with different flavour
Let the tasty ones flow into your life
And savour this essence forever…!!


There are some things that people forget to do
Or they just pretend to forget
They never ask what I want
And just live in what they expect

I hate those things which they expect
Cause they just wanna compare
Compare me with neighbours and classmates
And never appreciate what’s fare

Like any human first i was in rage
Angry on those who criticised
Those who wanted to keep me in cage
Well, I am the bird who loves to fly

They never encouraged for my skills
My art – they called it ‘waste’
And every single word they spoke
Just made me feel eviscerate

Everything that is alive
And is true as nature spirits
Engraves new way of living life
And die with different merits

But as I said I love to fly
Higher and higher in the sky
Fighting the traps in my life
Being the warrior of light

Standing on the top of the mountain
I speak this to myself with cause
“Thanks to all those who criticised me
You made me stronger than I was”

Just because of them today
I have strength to fight alone
And no matter whatever it takes
I’ll engrave my way and roar!

Seize the Day

Lead me the way to woods
Those woods which absorb my fear
Woods which make me feel
Rejuvenate and provide a lear

Let me go to the forest fire
And burn in those flying flames
Incinerate my fear and flaws
And quit from all these games

Take me to serenity
A never ending peace
Safe inside the nature’s den
Wash clean me with cold breeze

Lift me high to greatness
To hear the eagle’s cry
Those majestic birds which swivel
And enjoy their heavenly plight

To the rivers which are perennial
For days, months and years
Whose beauty is quite neglected
By men with walk with spears

Let me have a campfire
And an amazing memorable time
Stop rest and see the beauty
Away from clamours and whines

Well…before I started this
My hot coffee had a lot to say
It has lost its vapours now
As I wonder to seize the day!

The Dark Shade

When everything goes right
Something’s ready to give you frights
They just wait for a moment
To end your happiness in sight

It comes like a wrecking ball
Faster than the speed of light
Goes away giving you
Emptiness and cold blood inside

When this all happened
I was sitting on my bed
It was four in the morning
Working with trigo trying best

I got a message in my android
That let me devoid
Gave me frights and shrills
And cold blood stood chill

I dropped my pen that moment
Got feelings cold and low
Immediately felt so sick
That moment went without a glow

Completely filled in darkness
Saw out of the window
Felt like just a crack
In this castle of glass

And there was an owl who
Seemed like consoling me
Telling a truth of life
Time + cracks are heals

“Adopt the pace of nature
Her secret is patience”
Throw out your pain
In form of tears or screams

I promise after that
You’ll feel relaxed and clam
Just need to sit in silence
And believe for no more harms

“We learn what doesn’t kills us
And makes us more stronger”
To be audacious and stand
The waves of frights more longer

Human heartbeats have proved
That life is never steady
There are ups and downs
Straight line means dead and empty

So be strong in this play
And let it continue today
Have courage to face your fears
And enjoy a bit by the bay!

Embrace the Imperfection

Life’s a game and times are hard
There will be times when you feel apart
A game with lots of woven traps
Traps which will break you right to cracks

It isn’t new if I say to stay strong
To embrace the right and oppose the wrong
Not to be afraid to stand alone
Leave those who want to get you gone

Said and heard this million times
Ever felt like these are just rhymes?
Easy to read but hard to stay
These cobwebs and woven traps in way

Its okay if you feel heavy
Mental strength differs in everyone
Not your fault in such situation
Just be YOU, don’t long perfection

Embrace the glorious mess you are
Quit the perfect - imperfect war
Adorn yourself with serenity
Go, get peace with your emacity

We all have our own colours
These colours reflect our talent
Be proud to have a unique one
As together we make iridescent

The band



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This is me…this I precieve my writing process

I got to a point that I write what I want how I want when I want
I don’t strive for perfection
I strive to express who i am


Really great!!! I loved the glorious mess!!!

(Tell me I am not the only one who read it with a rap voice!!!)


You know what guys… This was the most easiest one… I just did it in 30mins… I was very annoyed at that time…
And the greatest part… Never expected these comments… :smiley:
Thank you everyone who liked this
And @acemasters and @georkost you dont know how great does it feels when you are getting these words for your creation…
I am very glad, happy, blessed and whatever else… :grin: Just beacuse of love y’all gave me . Sooo happy to see that it had very positive effect on you acemasters
The joy this moment is just inexplicable…really
If you get some free time…check this out :slight_smile:

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Why am I hearing Welcome instrumental while reading this ?


No you aint the only one Georgia… Nick’s there with u :grin:


:hushed: become a jedi, the young Padawan has :grin:
very awesome, I too read them as a rap loving how the words streamed fluidly as they were said hehe
also, I went onto the getinspired page a while back and thought it was really creative :blush:
as for the time it took you, good things take time, great things happen all at once!


Like your post… A great thing… Happened at once.

Glad you liked it. Also thank you for visiting the website :slight_smile:


I like this one the most, great message


I agree, @rickvanmeijel.


Thank you so much @rickvanmeijel and @GioS
I always try to make the start and the end pretty

Hello friemd @GioS do you wish to be tagged in further update,? Yea amd welcome to the band as you are our new family member. :slight_smile:


You made everything pretty, and the start and the end even prettier!

And if possible I would like to be tagged, yes, and thank u so much for the warm welcome :blush:

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Wow, it’s really beautiful, I loved it. Keep writing from your heart, you’re awesome!


These are the first lines I read from you and I must confess that I am impressed! :grinning:, the lines I quoted are showing a very wide and reflected view on the living things … being able to express them the way you do making me feel your beautiful soul :raised_hand:️ Congrats @Honey8, great work :clap:


Thank you @GioS you are added to my dicionary :blush:

Thanks @agusdbianco you are amazing too! :wink:

@theearlywalker its really very great to hear this from you. Thanks. :hugs:

This just melted me… Thank you… :slight_smile:


I wasn’t tagged …:thinking::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:


Immediately added to dictionary!!! :sweat_smile: :sweat_smile:


Couldn’t have said it better :slight_smile:


Thanks for having so great feelings.