Creating a website with WordPress

Does anyone have any experience with making websites with WordPress? I want to make one for my music, but I’m not very familiar with the program. I’ve used it to set up a small blog for a school course, but I didn’t learn all the details.

Basically I want to know if it’s easy to use for someone like me with zero web design skills :sweat_smile:


I personally use shivtr, but I think @Honey8 and @gatsie use wp for their sites.

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Oh yes I remember @Honey8’s blog! I didn’t know @gatsie had a blog too. Can you guys tell me about wordpress?

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This is @gatsie 's

Also I think @NickGr 's one runs on wp too, but I might be wrong. Let me check…

EDIT: No, his doesn’t.

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Of course for sure!! I never had any. I didn’t even know what is a blog :blush: it’s very simple 3 step process. I can guide you completely!.
Just a min… I’ll tell…
@gatsie got a follower! :raised_hands:
@the_termin8r thanks for the mention.

Ok so here you go.

Entire explained method 😊
  • sign up go to and sign up. Any email works.

  • options it will ask you if you want to make a website or a blog and 2 more options i guess… you can get blog option for your music… or I don’t think it matters much cause we have to make a website and then things are under our control what kind of we want to make it

  • domain it will ask for a domain. You can type anything on the search bar and it will give you free available domains. I typed ‘“”’ and it gave me ‘"’" . Similarly you can select your free domain.

  • plans i currently have free plan. I told my bro please upgrade it . He is gonna do that in April. I think you’ll have to upgrade it because it does not support some things.

  1. Free plan : images, some themes, 3GB photo storage,
  2. Other plans support uploading videos and music. I tried uploading my soundCloud music there but it doesn’t work with free plan… so. You need to upgrade the plan if you want to add music
    (I’ll be the first follower! :heart_eyes: Tell me when you make one… send the address! Lol…crazy me… shut up honey type ahead! )
  • nothing else. You are done! You can go to the themes and select yours… customize it as you like. Limited themes with the free plan again.

If you need something… i am there. And of c Will email you very regularly so will be in touch! :blush: Have a great time! Hope you grow with great pace!! :sparkles::sparkles::raised_hands::heart:


That’s a luxury. Shivtr only gives me 500MB of photo storage, but I can also use URLs like on here so technically I have unlimited photos.

Shivtr’s not a bad platform to consider @rickvanmeijel , even if it is intended for gaming. It has extensive features.

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It can be upgraded. 3 GB is for the free plan
Premium gives 13GB
And business gives unlimited…
I know… that’s luxury!!! :smiley:

Well shivtr gaming one? Nicee! Yeo i saw it really has some features which we don’t have… like adding people and stuff.

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Shivtr’s most expensive one ($16 US / month) only has 8GB of storage, but with shivtr a plan really isn’t necessary, especially for a non gaming site.

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Ooh… her plans are necessary for upgrading… and just uploading videos…
Or the media uploading is limited

Videos are unlimited since they use youtube link. The dedicated photo gallery section has a size limit, otherwise you can post unlimited images on text pages.

I used to run 2 fan sites on Wordpress. It’s pretty easy to use and you can alternate the codes to make it more “your own”.

Thank you for the extensive explanation!

There’s one more thing I’ve read on various websites: apparently it’s also important to buy a domain name, to secure a web address.

I’ll check this one too, thanks :slight_smile:

That’s why I though wordpress is the best option for me



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If you know HTML,CSS & Javascript codes you’re at a good starting point XD
WordPress is the best for one that never done it before

Shivtr also gives you the option for CSS and HTML but as far as I know they’re for paid plans, if you’re considering straight coding then wp probably is the best option.

So I’ve decided to work with wordpress because I have used it before and it’s the easiest option for me.

I only learned the basics of HTML and CSS, but I never would be able to make a website out of the blue coding it from scratch.


That’s good! It helps out really. I want to learn that too someday :slightly_smiling_face:

Heyyooo guys! So like your notifs may be flooded… (or might not be of some :eyes: … Have this :blue_heart::green_heart:) i am finally back! :tada::tada::confetti_ball:

I am here to ask for a help. I am unable to decide the domain for my website… the website will have following things

  • for writing of course. The inspirational writings + The short articles + short stories

  • for the music, I’ll have a page or do something there I don’t know myself… i guess that would be like a portfolio

  • for a page to Display my best photography with a © on it (same for the art)

If i had only one hobby that would have been easier to decide.
Rn i am getting
And kinda same like that with different suffix.

I could only think about inspire &art till now. I am not able to decide. You are free to suggest.

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And anyone else who would like to suggest.