Creating a website with WordPress

@Honey8 is a safe bet i think Music/Drama/Drawings is all Artforms and i think the name of the site will cover it all

Remember putting a copyright cymbol doesn’t mean it’s copyright-ed look into all legallization about copyrighting your work

I’d go for the safe one as well,

Uumm…I don’t know I’m sorry… :sweat_smile: :see_no_evil: :see_no_evil: :see_no_evil:
Agreed with people above me, go for the safer one…

Thanks @acemasters @evooba @lpfan61 I thought of the same that art includes everything.

And oops! :see_no_evil: I was late! is taken by someone! So I’ll find or

Yes for the copyright can you tell more about it? I actually will just put a symbolic text like wait… I’ll show you.
Like at the end bottom of the picture. Not important like this one… I’ll check what kind of text design i get on snapseed. Is that right or there is something else too?



Yeah I agree, inspireart is good!

I don’t know too much about the copyright or the sites, but I agree with the others. Let me see if I find out something about the copyright.

Thanks @AJ_7 and @IronSoldier16
Ya so is it something like this ?
Or I’ll have to put
"©Fragments! "?



The little c is always at the end. And I liked more the second pic.

I mean the only the word without the hearts.

Okay. So is it necessary to put © ? Like I’ve seen one which doesn’t have. He is a great Photographer… he has a blog … I’ll show you…

Like this…



Mmm I guess is just like a sign or maybe they just don’t need to protect their work, I’m not sure. In the other hand they don’t know that they need one jaja, I’d look for some information about the copyright. I remember something about that each country has its own rules.

1 Like - that sounds nice- :star_struck: and thanx for the flood of love :heart: and light :sunny: Sweet soulsis , and I would like this „fragments“ thing better at the right bottom of the pics- dunnow why, just a feel… take this :hugs: for now and cya later busy :honeybee: bee :kissing_heart:

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Yes dear. Even i love that fragments thing. Like pieces of memories :wink: I’ll do that then…just write “Fragments!” Without ©

Thanks for the suggestions everyone!!:hugs::hugs::hugs::hugs:more are welcomed till next 6 hours :green_heart::blue_heart::heart:

I’ll create one soon.

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Cool! What will it be about?

My book and other personal projects related with writing.

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Nice! Thanks for following, I followed you back :smile:

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Thanks! Now I need to make it more personal and start to upload some files. I’ll do it this week.


Send me up the link too! :blush:

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When I have time, I’ll send you, ok?

Sure! Whenever you are free :slight_smile:

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