Club Nokia show--June 29


LP is playing a “private” show for the X Games on June 29th at Club Nokia ar LA Live. As a HUGE fan, just like all of you, I would love to see this concert. Anyone have a clue on how to get tix/access to the show??

They will be giving away free tickets. Apparently a very limited number on thursday. good luck :slight_smile:


Just got mine, woo hoo!

HOW did you get them? I was on at 10 it said sold out!

Well it was sold out at 9:58am. This is a joke. I didn’t get tix to anything they’ve been doing.

[quote=AllisonPink]Just got mine, woo hoo!

me tooooo :smiley:

These tickets were “sold Out” in two seconds, no joke! How is this even possible?! SO frustrating!!

same here right at 10 and i had selected my two to add to cart but got the sold out message

So annoying. I’ve been trying to get tickets to this event for weeks. It was sold out instantly!!

HOW are you guys getting these tickets???

Had two in the cart, went to process… my result = sold out?!


wow… tickets for the nokia sold out in less then a minute… oh well at least im going to the Home Depot Center concert.

What’s the trick…this SUCKS!

The second the button appeared on my screen to buy the tickets at 10AM they were already sold out!

Same thing for me. Added 2 tickets to my cart and then the Sold Out messaged popped up!!

I got mine to!!! Awwww im so excited!!!

After hearing how fast you had to get in que for Blizzcon tickets, I can sort of believe that tickets can sell out this fast, but good gosh, it sucks when they sell out so fast that you feel cheated.

And what I heard was, if you didn’t get in que within a second, you had no chance of getting badges. Yep, less than a second. GG.

Got my tickets! So stoked!

If I didn’t get tickets, I was planning to go to the Dodger Game. That sounds cool too!

What a tease…rather than getting us ALL excited and hopeful - the 10 or so tickets that they probably DID have available, perhaps they should have just gave them to their friends, I’m curious, how many of you out there got some?