Citifield Roll call

When I did the pre-sale, it only showed one GA for me and it gave me GA FLr. A few hours later, the options were now 2; GA PIT & GA FLR. I quickly bought PIT tickets and the online representative canceled my earlier purchase.

I had to settle for the Premium Pit ticket which were $250 each. I needed pit tickets so I got them. Atleast I’ll get some goodies with that price.

The same thing happened to me as well. The first batch came up as $285 a ticket. I flipped out but was determined. Kept on refreshing until I saw GA, like I said before, didn’t notice the difference (was upset how the whole thing was done as well, had to buy a physical ticket as opposed to an e ticket or print at home option, had to insure the ticket as well or the transaction wouldn’t process) until later when I checked the layout. Did anyone else have those issues (forced to get a physical tix and or insure said tix?)

Aw men everyone has GA and GAPIT tickets so not fair but I don’t need to worry though because I think or maybe they will perform in NY again then I just get those GA and GAPIT ticket. But I have to wait a while though. Do any one know how far is seats 121 is.

Do this has a meet and greet (citifield concert) how do you get that.

Ticketmaster messed up my order as well. I have 2 GA PIT and 2 GA FLR. So now i’m trying to get my GA FLR sold because they didn’t want to cancel the purchase. If anyone needs extra GA FLR tickets let me know!

Meet and greets will more than likely open in the middle of July right before the tour kicks off. The LP camp will make an official announcement, at which time the shows will start appearing on the Meet and Greet page:

Find this show, enter the meet and greet pool, and hope you get lucky.

How much are you saling it for

How do I do that. Where is that on the website.

Hey i paid $150 ea but i’m letting them go for $135 ea

Yeah I don’t have the money for that sorry I already brought it for 2 seats in may. I was trying to see if I could get three tickets one for standing and two for sitting but it seems that it won’t work but thank you anyway. :blush:

If you scroll over the image, I linked the page, but that’s the menu in the LPU site, when you scroll over the upper right-hand corner.

Yay my tickets came today so happy right now.

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No worries. I got them sold :relaxed:

Come to find out that this date does not include a copy of OML…:astonished:

Will just heard that[spoiler] Linkin Park will not be performing first[/spoiler]

Thats ok. They will be the last like they were for Carnivores

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The way the shows are advertised, I almost wonder if Blink will perform last at Citi Field…

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So is that good or something

Either way its going to be one helluva show 26 days til it happens!!

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I think we have two or three weeks left. And I know people has to be happy I know I am and I can’t wait in till it happens.

Also when people have seats do they get to stand up and at least clap and cheer like everyone else who is going to the GA or GAPIT.