The pink one?

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Yes!! They’re bath salts :grin: you go! :tada:

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Yeeess!!! crap now I need to find something.

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Bump @IronSoldier16 :crazy_face:

I know. Maybe this weekend I’m more free, if not, someone else can take my turn.

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This is an easy one.

The folder? Because it’s a folder?! :joy:

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Lol no, the folder belongs to that carpet.

The words doc?

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The WhatsApp image?

It’s just one, but you guessed, the word file is the only one that I never downloaded. Your turn @theearlywalker

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Uuuuups -completely missed this :sweat_smile:… ok- lemme find sth …


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The triangular box?

No, it’s waiting there to get into the mail finally, try again…

Is it the BGU Murnau paper underneath the green file?

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Lol - grats :tada::tada::tada: we have a winner - :blush: it was supposed to be shown at work … you go!!

I fancy going since the thread has stagnated. The waffle box isn’t part of it.


small wallet or big wallet ? what are 2 wallets doing there?

There’s only 1 wallet (on the left), the thing on the right is for my oyster card. It’s neither of them.

green packet? Balsom smthg… whats that?