Chester crying at the ballads

I MUST share this, it´s awesome


found another luck today, I´d like to share:
my lpuXVI bundle arrived

Then you see artwork of my daughter and me, we create sth together, that we made some time ago (OT @gatsie, and @amitrish, to bring greed into creativity, its her second concert, she saw Crow here in Germany, but now LP in Berlin, and it´s so sweet if she tries to sing the songs with her self-made-english, I see me at this age, not at this lp but other stuff, so, that is what I wanted to tell you, (I´m really a proud mum, I think… :sunglasses:)


Good Job :+1:

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That’s so cool that you do those things with your daughter! You are lucky that you share the same music taste :smile:

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Thank you, you know, but it´s genetic, she never had a chance huahahaha

LOL, good old genetics have done it right for you guys then :wink:

For her & me really, but the third person in the game isn´t able to play the game, old kid´s stories holding him away from trust, so ya see, like live is the good and the worse are so ya see all those glitters isn´t gold… :smiley: in sense of moaning on high level, I´m loving my life… :sparkles: could be less trouble from time to time, but I feel alive, thats whats for


Mine has just arrived two hours ago!! :smiley:

Yeah life isn’t perfect but there’s plenty to be happy about :smile: You lucky people all sure are lucky for being able to see LP & Fort Minor in Berlin.

And thats for sure, ya see my countdownclock check it under, I am so blessed, I know, and thats what life is for, find yourself with bless and do what it´s your job here on earth, sounds bit like church but you must know, I´m listening to MTM Hand helds high, right by writing this post

Preach it, preach it! :stuck_out_tongue:

I like to get each of these rings, where to buy? :joy:
I know they are not buyable, but I like to decorate and let it into my mind, on my fingers, everywhere, and guys, I´m working hard on it.

bundle arriving or getting original update from the band

The rings, I want them too! I saw them on pinterest and they just look so wonderful with the beautiful inspiring words on them!

How’s your T-shirt making going along? You will post a picture of it when you have it finished, yes? Would be so cool :smiley:

@gatsie maybe I gonna buy them, to put then all on the middlefinger, and if an asshoole want to know, than he´ll ge shown, not with the finger like fuck up, right like a lady, put the hand on the table and beginn to play with them, I think this will give power in needfull situations (was this understandable?)
Yeah, and the t shirt thing, ya know Í´m a computer idiot,I told here sometimes, and, a ssecond fault or difficult side off me is: I want to be fucking perfect when I do sth, so an idiot which wants to create the new monalisa without knowing to paint, so I went around in mind & tried some things on diverse shirttinablal, than I´VE GIVEN UP!!!
but :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: the early walker wouldn´t be herself, if she did NOT find a soluten, so today it worked on a very minimalistic way and I made them and ordered them, for me&my lil daughter, there wouzld be so much to tell, where do ya life? Lets make date for coffee huahahah BUT :disappointed: also

Good for you that you found a sollultion for the t-shirts :smile:

I’m always up for a cup of coffee! If you’re ever near Amsterdam let me know then :wink:

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And maybe it would happen really, on the other side. If you ever come to Muinich, let me know :dancers:

That would be fun indeed :slight_smile: Alright, it’s a deal then!

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Deal!!! Something to look forward to as a vision, and some visions, step by step become


So one is from Amsterdam & other is from Berlin. Will you keep me in your house if I ever visit Europe so that I can save money? :stuck_out_tongue: