Can you touch your shoulders?

Torture implies bringing extreme pain without killing. My method is slow and painful (that was allowed).

A: Since you didn’t specify what type of sand paper I’d use very fine grain sandpaper, or wet & dry (I don’t know the technical name for it).

Q: Have you ever eaten something inedible, if so what was it?

A: paper?

Q: Would you dye your hair a crazy, unusual color?

A: No, it wouldn’t suit my personality

Q: What’s the funniest way somebody has mixed up your order at a restaurant?

A: Yes.

Q: Name one accomplishment that you are proud of.

A: Getting into further maths in college (it’s for those who got top grades in the previous year). I’m proud of it because maths is probably my weakest subject.

We seem to posting at the same time again so I won’t ask a Q

A: They didn’t mess up, but they gave the food to the wrong persons at the table. So imagine receiving your sister’s cherry blossom pink color stuff (I mean, the waitress just puts that freaking thing in front of you), as though you’re the one who is gonna eat/drink that crap.

So you’ve never had your order messed up? Wow. I’ve had plenty of mistakes but the most recent one was when I ordered a cooler from Costa (kinda like a coffee slush puppy, but better) and they gave me a bit of coffee with a load of ice cubes in it instead of putting the ice in a blender first :laughing:

A: I’ve never had my order messed up but a friend unfortunately had (kind of). It was crazy cause he is allergic to peanuts and they served him his meal with the peanut sauce (even though he told them to not include it) and yeah… it didn’t end up very well.

Q: How to fix a f***ed up sleeping schedule?

A: A rag soaked in chloroform maybe? But if you’re looking a for a serious answer I’d say go to bed early but you’d need a long time to get used to it.

Q: FM or DBS?

That’s what I fear.

A: FM. Not really a fan of DBS (sorry Chester).

Q: Spontaneous or organized?

A: Spontaneous (when it comes to doing something). Organized…for the most part in terms of my possessions.

Q: One of your fav song intros?

A: Wow tough one! White Stripes, Seven Nation Army - luv that intro!

Q: Snow suit in the desert or naked in Antarctica?

A: As much as I love being naked, I would prefer snowsuit in this case, 'cuz atleast I would live somehow :wink:

Q: A good quote for tattoo. Something in the lines of “The Devil & the God are raging inside me.”.

A: Solitude is Freedom

Q: Am I the youngest here? As far as I know, most of you guys are older than me.

A: Not sure. I’m 22.

Q: Curtains or blinds?

A: Old school Curtains.

Q: Have you ever listened to a song and associated it with a particular topic, even though it’s not remotely associated with it?
(eg: I was listening to Alter Bride’s Cry of Achilles in a loop while reading a time travel story, and now every time a time travel thing comes up, AB plays in my mind.)

A: Yes, but I usually forget. Similarly though, years ago when I was little I was playing Sonic Adventure 2 with a friend and eating gummy worms, and now whenever I play that level in that game, I think of gummy worms

Q: Last food you ate?

A: Pizza. (Can I also mention the drink I had ;))

Q: Favorite band (ofcourse, excluding LP), and link to their best song.

A: Red - I don’t have a fav (because there are too many to choose from) but Feed the machine is awesome

Q: Top 3 bands excluding LP and a good song from each band?

A: Ughh, there are lots of them. But the first ones that came to mind:

Q: Name the best film you’ve ever seen.)