Can you touch your shoulders?

Please don’t make me watch that ever again…

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How Music Got Free

@evooba FYI: I was able to finish somewhat 25% of the book today. The narrative follows 3 stories.
First, a bunch of scientists who have created .mp3 format and are trying to compete with .mp2 as it is backed by the standards and Philips.
Second, two people working in PolyGram factory who gain access to the internet and get familiar with the world of piracy.
Third, a record label guy, who is fired at somewhat the peak of his career.

This is pretty informative for me as well as I was not aware that in the early 90s, it took 6 hours to rip a CD.

The story has actually progressed a bit more, but I would expect you to read it for yourself. Darn interesting!]

Thanks @amitrish ! I will for sure, already put it in my to-read-list. Unfortunately it has to wait till April since I’m on a reading hiatus right now unfortunately. Enjoy the rest of it!

A/Q: Hmmm… I don’t get it?

Q: Growing up, did/do you parents have a nick name for you? If so what was it?

how will you get out of living the same thing/day ever and ever again…

A1: No. I don’t like nicknames. Only person I ever allowed to call me differently was a teacher in senior high.

A2: Simple; you’re gonna follow your dreams and do your thing without thinking about anything or anyone.

Q: Anything interesting happen today? We had a bomb threat at work and it was hilarious.

We had a bomb threat in high school once. They had the whole school standing in the park (the school was right on the edge of a park park - as in one of the gates led directly there- and we could go there at lunch) for an hour whilst somebody went to look for the bomb that somebody had made a prank call about earlier that day. When we finally got back to our rooms we could tell that people had been through our bags, but what was funny was that whoever checked my bag gave up half way through because it was so big :joy: (almost everyone knew me for my massive bag in high school lol).

Then there was that time when a supply teacher confiscated a guy’s phone and then it went ‘missing’ from her bag (the guy had taken it back) and they had to call in our head of year and one of the deputy heads to do a strip search. My head of year regretted making me empty my bag :laughing:

Oh and there was that time when there was a fire drill right at the end of lunch when people were all over the place (some were on site, others in the park, some had gone home for lunch- I did that because it was literally a 300m walk and others had legged it to the local shops without permission). I was just making my way to the gate when the bell went off and a PE teacher came out shouting “everyone to the playground!” (which happened to be surrounded by the school and had 2 cramped escape routes as opposed to the park which could hold everyone and was a much safer option). I also happened to be with a friend who was the human embodiment of the word ‘idiot’ who said “wait, I want to get a pizza from the cafeteria first”.

But to answer the question, not really, it was my sister’s birthday but that’s about it.

Q: Last funny thing that happened to you?

LOL ok… at least you followed protocol, in a way. It was chaos over here yesterday.

They called the office I’m at (cause the head of security and administration directors are here) and they just jumped up and started yellingf for everyone to get out cause a bomb was supposed to go off in 20min.
You should see all the employees casually gathering their things and taking FOREVER to get out. Needless to say that when we did get out, no one wanted to go too far from the entrace (cause it’s a long walk from the parking lot) but security was yelling for us to go away lol. Everyone knew it was a hoax so they were chilling. Police came over, search dogs and all that good stuff… good thing is, because this happened we got to leave an hour early cause there was no point in staying and waiting to get back in for nothing.

This morning, only thing I noticed that suggests the police and dogs or whatever did somewhat of a search is that all the offices were unlocked and doors that are kept locked and closed all the time were open. Apparently everyone left early though cause all the comptuters, lights, A/C, etc were on as well this morning when I arrived.

A: The whole bomb situation lol

Q: Preferred video player program for your pc? (I use VLC, sometimes QuickTime)

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A: Mine is QuickTime
Q: Your wedding gift to your best friend ? (like I’m looking for ideas or suggestion)

A I would ever prefer to give sth they get a rembambrance from, maybe a Brunch-Voucher in a better rest than usually,…grows here in Germany more and more, to give a voucher for whatever…

Q: .Are you feeling sure these days, watching the whole political sit esp. in Europe, guys?
[ot OMG @EvoOba, Europe´s very alarmed these days, thank god that it was at least nothing]…

A: I don’t follow the politics so, no idea.

Q: Would you consider having your (dead) body cryonically frozen?

@The_early_walker Nah, had nothing to do with terrorists or whatever. It was a prank to stall the board of directors from taking place yesterday cause they were discussing the conference that’s happening today to decide where the port will be sold.

A/Q: What for?

A/Q: In order to be resurrected, in a sense, when science allows it?

A: But costing hundreds of thousands to store it each year (how much does it cost nowadays)? My family certainly won’t have the money.

Q: When do you think this thread would have the most number of posts (replies)? (They didn’t reset the viewcount from last year this time)

A: Would be nice if it the counting would just go on and on and on and on until infinity

Q Are you uncool?

A: In terms of keeping my emotions in check I’m pretty much perfect as I have little to none. As for my appearance and people’s perception of me I’d say I vary from uncool to neutral, but I don’t care.

Q: Has anyone tried beanboozled?

For those that don’t know they’re mixed flav jelly beans some are nice, others not so. Today my friends challenged me to try a bunch and I managed almost all of them with ease (earth worm flav isn’t as bad as it sounds and neither is grass or earwax) but vomit flav is diabolical, I couldn’t hack it. I managed one ‘chew’ and nearly vomited. It was hilarious even for me :laughing: We were killing time in a last min lesson swap.

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That’s not answering my question:


A: A few months maybe…

Q: Any good and worthy apps for Windows 10?

A: I think you’ll be better off using the usual desktop software than use those darn apps from the windows store.

Q: Any good and worthy desktop apps for Windows 10?

A: The only windows 10 app I tried was Fable Legends Closed Beta :slight_smile: Other then that I wouldn’t know.

Q: Does your foot sleep?