Ok, this is for everyone that is going to the concert and or the summit and plans on staying over night, thur fri or saturday nights. I will be staying two nights for sure with my daughter. I say we try to get a group rate at the HYATT. Great view over the water and provides Ferry service over to Camden for the concert, its less then a mile away from the summit and concert and is an excellent location.

The other option is the Comfort inn which is a little less expensive but not as nice, both places we can park our cars, and still take the ferry and night life over there is really nice.

So lets use this topic to vote on the hotels, and we can choose one to call next sunday to find out a group rate. Then I can confirm prices and we can confirm within the next 3 weeks and book. If we have enough people that want both hotels, we can call for group rates at both of them. These are the best options, and we can have a great time, exchange phone numbers through message or on the post and we can all meet up at the hotels, at the summit and at the concert. In the reply just say how many people you have, what nights you would stay, and your vote on which hotel, Its $120 price range for Comfort inn, and about $190 for the Hyatt, possibly cheaper if we get a group rate, which we can if we get enough that confirm and I will call and set them up. CANT WAIT FOR THE SUMMIT, MEETING EVERYONE and the AWESOME CONCERT.

This sounds great. Coming from Chicago with my husband and we both are lp fans. Our anniversary is the actual date of the summit so when tickets showed up magically for BOTH of us I felt like it was a sign!!! Can’t wait to chat with all of you now in this forum post and on Thursday and Friday at the presummit and summit =oD


I looked up both hotels and am leaning towards the hyatt. The location is awesome and it looks really nice. I plan on staying the friday for sure, possibly thursday depending on work. My friend might be coming with me, but not to the summit since she didn’t get a ticket. Can’t wait to meet everyone!

my vote for Hyatt and I’ll be staying for thur and fri
attending both the summit and concert

Oh oops forgot to say will be staying both Thursday and Friday! =o) thanks for looking into this!

Yeah make sure you vote for which hotel too IRENE lol. I also think the hyatt, I was just putting comfort inn as an option for peoples finances, it is cheaper to stay there, but for the experience, the view, the amenities and ferry service, the hyatt is the place to stay for this summit and concert, we will be staying at the hyatt. Soon as we get a good group of confirmed that want to go to the hyatt I will call and see about group rates, and how many rooms we need to get for the group rate, looks like 4 rooms at least so far. Unless Irene wants comfort inn.

I’m good for either. It’s not an issue. =oD

I think it’s cool if we’re all at the same place. I could not sleep after house of blues so I definitely would be up for a night cap and hanging for breakfast and stuff!

Since me and my friend will be at the Comfort Inn and you and your daughter will be at the Hyatt…we should find a medioum to meet and go to the events…maybe the ferry…

Yeah definitely, I think most will choose the hyatt, and we will be taking the ferry for thurs and friday events and the concert. Comfort inn and the Hyatt are not that far from each other at all, we can meet at the hotel and go to the ferry or meet at the ferry, and if a bunch of us are at the hyatt then you can just meet us at the hyatt and we can all go over together. My email is for anyone, and number is 240-988-9872, if you text or call in the weeks to come or before, just put LPU in the text so I know who it is lol. I think this will work out great and be a blast.

I am going for just the summit and not the concert. I’m totally in on the Hyatt for 2 people!

Hyatt seems good to me… the bar looks awesome so I’m sold.

I can get a room for 130 since I work for the government, or 2 double beds for 160 if some one wants to go halfsies. ( I don’t snore). I’m thinking I’ll get a room Thursday and Friday.

Regardless I think we should all get each others numbers so we can all meet up!

Ok, it definitely looks like it is the HYATT. I will add up all the rooms up until this next saturday and call get a group ID and see what the group rate will be once I know how many rooms we need. StucknMove I also work for the Government but as a contractor, maybe you can get a cheaper rate and on a group rate, so see if that is possible as well. So far its 7 rooms, next week I will make a summit/Concert contact thread so we can all post our emails/numbers whatever is comfortable to people, that way we can coordinate and locate when we are there and before. If we can get 20 of us or so at the HYATT, I think it will be awesome, the place is sick, with a gorgeous view on the water, Linkin Park summit and a concert, get some signatures, pics, vids, BEST WEEKEND OF THE SUMMER HANDS DOWN LOL

The wife & I, and father in law will be driving down from NYC both days. Father in laws wife wont let him stay overnight in a hotel. But if invited I’m sure we’ll be down if anyone is doing anything before/ after the summit & concert.

Add me to the Hyatt crew! I’ll be staying over Thursday and Friday nights. Thanks so much for looking into this!

We’re definitely talking about staying over Thursday and Friday as it’s a 9 hour drive from where we are so leaving thursday morning doesn’t give us much extra time in case we get lost / traffic.

I’m not sure which hotel we would stay at though but we may be leaning towards to comfort inn as $190 a night is a bit steep. We are going to Hawaii for our 3 year anniversary next week so we’ll be pretty broke as it is.

But we are up for any get togethers that get planned!

Dark, Comfort isnt that much cheaper if we do the group rate and a member is government and I am government contractor, so we should be able to get it down closer to the Comfort in range, with advance reservations and group rate, probably more in the 130 to 150 a night, which is about what the comfort inn is. I think comfort was 130 when I checked. Either way both are close to each other so we can all use our phone numbers txt and meet up with no problems.

If we can all get a group rate and bring the price down low enough the Hyatt would be fine. Just trying to keep costs low as two concerts i have to travel to in a week can get expensive fast when you add in room costs.

My biggest problem with the whole phone thing is I won’t have access to it in the states as it will cost an arm in a leg to use it. I’m hoping we have a general idea of when and where to meet up beforehand or i find a wifi spot to check the forums

U guys r lucky!! :smiley:

Yeah I will make sure we post where we can meet and a time in front of the hyatt so anyone that doesnt have a phone or out of country will know and we can meet in the lobby at certain times thurs and friday a week ahead of time, I will post it on the forum so we have it set up, not a problem. I think we can get the group rate, I will call this week and find out how many rooms we need to get the group rate, I think if we get 10 we will be able to get the group rate.

I am a relatively new member (long time fan)…and I am goiong to the concert and the summit. I am not sure what events they may do Thursday which makes planning tricky. I am kicking around a driver verse staying. I only live 1.5 hours away from Philly. I would like to meet up with other “LP Family”. Keep me in mind for group rates. Excited does not even begin to summarize the feelings. Whoot!