Burn It Down Video Premiere

WHOA!!! I’m seriously blown away! The video for Burn It Down premiered like 2 hours ago here in Greece and god, it’s so fucking amazing!!! Great effects, great scenery…it’s so epic! Joe did an amazing work once again! :smiley: Simply A.W.E.S.O.M.E

Did it premiere in your country already?

I’ve just seen the music video myself for the first time & I must say, well done Linkin Park. It is defiantly my favourite Linkin Park music video of all. I love the effects especially at the start of the video.

LOVE IT! They are definitely burning it down. :wink:

Damn, I missed it -.-
…gonna watch it now :smiley:

EDIT: Just watched it and it’s great. I like this x-ray effect you can see at some points when the band members are shown. Chester’s also flipping out on that one, you can see how much fun they had, that’s great.

where can I watch it? anyone a link?^^

Cheers :wink:

Even this link can watch a video.

I love it! I totally do love it! Together with clips One Step Closer, Numb, From the Inside, Somewhere I Belong, Breaking the Habit, Faint, We Made It, What I’ve Done, New Divide, Leave Out All the Rest, Shadow of the Day, The Catalyst, Waiting for the End (I bet I forgot some:D) is this one my new favorite! It’s just amazing! You do it right, guys! And that’s why I love you soooooo much!

just seen it
oh well

absolutely amazing

absolute cool video

Nice video :slight_smile:

mega video,sky plused it so am gonna watch it again and again. can’t get enough of it.

Omg i cant wait man just a half hr, till it premers here in the eastern part of the states if its as good as u say i am WAYYYYYY TO DAM EXCITED. Ik ive seen parts of it on tv and i loved it already, i am just am soooo happy its finnaly time to see it… [biggrin]

A French website published it and I must say…it’s amazing. I loved it. Artistically speaking, it’s beautiful!! The last moments with the fire are really good! Good job guys :wink:

It’s ok.

[quote=Kameiko]It’s ok.

I think this is one of my favorite videos. I love the simplicity of it.

This video premiere is so exciting! I really, really, really, SERIOUSLY loved the video!!! Another classic and perfect video. Wow, I can’t say enough great things to describe it!!! [surprised]

I LOVE IT! :smiley:

Tbh. I am disappointed in it. Basicly, it’s just them standing around in some hand(??) and sing. And later on burnin. Sorry but I am used to better music videos by them. I feel like they got too lazy about it, like as if they don’t even care about the video anymore. If you compare this music video to In The End or Numb in example (two of their greatest n in general greates music videos of all time), it’s like a total step backwards, same as Iridescent. For me it’s just wasted chances to create a great music video, fitting to an awesome song. They have had enough time for it I guess. Don’t get me wrong, I find the music video ok, but rly nothing special as their videos were before. They really did better than this before, which you can’t deny. So yeah, pure disappointment.