🃏 Real Talk: Sweet Hamster Like Jewels from America

Almost a decade ago, we were blessed with an unimaginable masterpiece in the form of the album “Sweet Hamster Like Jewels from America”. Contrary to popular belief, the album is not titled “Mmm… Cookies”. Mmm… Cookies is the group behind the album, which can be confirmed by the origin story included with the album. On this special day, we shall discuss the lasting impact this work of art left on all of our lives.

As always, discussion isn’t limited to just the music. Anything related to the album such as its promotion, artwork, music videos, etc. is fair game.

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[spoiler]If you couldn’t tell by now, this is just an April Fool’s Day joke. @derek’s suggestion last week lining up with this week’s next discussion being on April Fool’s was too good to pass up. Later today Someday I will be doing Minutes to Midnight as the real discussion.[/spoiler]

Don’t forget to check out “Wizard Song”, the possible missing link in between Linkin Park and Mmm… Cookies!


Real Talk: I enjoyed “MMM…Cookies” but did understand why fans were upset because usually people in fan clubs want exclusive content that pertains to the creation of the music the band releases. I really enjoy “MMM…Cookies” and my husband and I sing plenty of the songs from that album as inside jokes all the time. I feel like maybe it should have been included as an LPTV episode or something maybe instead of the CD that people receive for joining the LPU. Or, perhaps each song should have been included as bonus content on each LPU CD (one goofy song among all the demos). People would probably enjoy it better then and not feel “screwed over.”

Not a bad prank, but the wizard song one was just masterful :joy:

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It was my first LPU year, best way to join! Hilarious!

Jelly-jelly-jelly fish
When ya squeeze me i go squish

Something’s wrong on my side, can’t vote! :joy:

That’s my song on plug :stuck_out_tongue:

That’s because this is only a joke one. The next RT is MTM.

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This one was a true masterpiece indeed with deep lyrics and emotion. Clearly their best work.

A-one, two, three four

Bubbles, bubbles
I wish my name was bubbles, bubbles
I wish my friends were bubbles, bubbles
I ride my car on bubbles, bubbles
I go real far on bubbles
On bubbles

Bubbles, bubbles
I blow a lot of bubbles, bubbles
I show a lot of bubbles, bubbles
I ride a plane on bubbles, bubbles
I go insane on bubbles
On bubbles

'Cause it’s a B and a U
And a B and a B and an L
And an E and an S

It’s a B and a U
And a B and a B and an L
And an E and an S
And an S

Oh bubbles, oh bubbles
I wish my name was bubbles, bubbles
I wish my friends were bubbles, and bubbles
I ride my car on bubbles, on bubbles
I go real far on bubbles
My bubbles

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Joke or not, it’s my time to weigh in.

This is by far my favorite LPU album for many reasons. I love live songs and demos, but getting them every year gets lame. What better way to break the norm than to release some goofy, fun, creative songs. You got that with Cookies. At the time, it was what LPU needed. It wasn’t well received by a lot of people, and I think that’s what made me like it to begin with. After listening to it a few times I began to understand what the album really was, a fun album. It was Linkin Park, having fun together as a band. This wasn’t made for money, it was made for just the pure fun of it. That’s what was then shared with us. The songs are hilarious, they have catchy beats and crazy names. It’s out of the ordinary and those that enjoyed it loved it and still do.

For those that do not know, I tried desperately during a meet and greet to get them to play one of the songs live. Using the time to get something signed to bargain with them. I brought my Cookies CD with me in case they needed to listen to a song to remember it but I failed. Chester said it was meant for a smaller group, such as a LPU Summit. I told him I’d hold him to it.

For the last few years now I’ve been on a quest for two things in the LPU community. Make the shirt in the LPU package White and release Mmm…Cookies 2. I will not give up.


This was my first full year.in the LPU. God, I love this album.

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This was on my FB today. Awesome spelling skills! :stuck_out_tongue:

Bubbles indeed:

That’s our Chester:


I love this album :slight_smile:

Got my CD today


http://lplive.net/forum/index.php?showtopic=12678 @derek?


This announcement actually came out because of Derek


It’s happening!


Found these gems in my closet, yes that’s a white LPU shirt from the Darien Lake Summit three years ago.

I’ve never seen that rare beauty before, whats on the back?

I missed out on getting a Cookies shirt :cry: