Berlin Concert 03.09.15 Alte Försterei

Who is also going??? :smile:



was hast fürn ticket? :slight_smile:

ich hab ein front stage ticket :smiley:

Natürlich FOS. :wink:

whoop whoop hab ich auch :slight_smile: Vielleicht trifft man sich ja da :slight_smile: geh leider alleine :frowning:

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Bin auch Front of Stage dabei :v: Kann’s kaum abwarten :smiley:

Bin dabei :smiley:natürlich auch FOS!!!

I will be there in Berlin too :sunglasses:

access all areas with the backstage meet and great, my husband and my 11 years old daughter are with me, what are you all think about meeting at the early entry (lorenzo would post it on twitter I think) and get known each other and have a good time together instead of a boring waiting situation??? Maybe with some kind of

I will! :slight_smile: See you there!

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looking forward, let´s contact again for looking forward together, shared joy is dubble joy

I will also be in Berlin :grin:

i agree we should def have a lil meetup there then ^^ whoop whoop would be cool to not be there all by myself haha

@melemi hi dude, thats fine, do ya drink Prosecco?! :stuck_out_tongue:
today I feel on a very high level that I am soooooo happy to see them again!!! In Berlin, in summer with all of you, we party the whole scenery, WE ARE THE SOLDIERS = AND TROOPERS)

I can`t wait. Never thought i see lp so quickly again. This time I have a front of stage ticket. I jump for joy :smile: . That makes my year perfectly. Prosecco? bring it on :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
yeah, that´s nice

If you decided organize a meetup or something, hope it will be in September. I come to Berlim on September 1st :smiley: it will be great meet you guys there

If LP won’t announce any additional dates to the European leg of the tour then I might join you in Berlin as well!:grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Let´s stay in contact so the anticipation will rise and rise